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Grander Water Revitalization

What is Grander Water Revitalization?

Grander Water Revitalization is a natural technology from Austria which brings water back to life by restoring its original vitality and energy. It makes water more pleasurable for drinking and bathing, more effective for cleaning, enhancing anything that uses water. Revitalized water has a profound influence on all living things, but even mechanical and nonliving systems using water (boilers, cooling units, humidifiers) benefit from its enhanced properties.

Even as purification is necessary today, so revitalization is needful because of how damaged water has become. Filtration does not bring water back to life; purified water is still dead water. For water to impart vitality it must be more than just clean; it needs to be ALIVE!

Water revitalized with Grander has many desirable qualities we associate with pure spring water. The underlying structure of water becomes highly organized and dynamic when revitalized. This proper structure, which exists in pristine nature, improves water’s usefulness and benefit to health.

High-pressure pipes, electromagnetic fields, and other forms of man-made pollution cause water to lose its natural, healthy structure. Filtering, reverse osmoses, or any number of other common treatments, will not reestablish the healthy structure of water.

Austrian naturalist Johann Grander discovered a natural means to revitalize water by restoring its structural integrity. His discovery has stood the test of time and the time of tests.

Water with revitalized structure can better transport nutrients to your cells and remove wastes and toxins from them.  Revitalized water cleans better and stays clean longer. It is more in harmony with nature and more resilient, like a healthy body.

Commonly Reported Personal Results:

Other Remarkable Benefits:

  • Improved taste and freshness resulting in a desire to drink more water.
  • Truly satisfies thirst.
  • Enhanced feeling of well being.
  • Feels smooth.
  • Use less soap and detergent, with cleaner results.
  • Softer shower water and less chlorine smell.
  • Reduced allergies.
  • Improved skin health and complexion.
  • Healthier plant growth with more resistance to disease.
  • Increased yields of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.
  • Tastier fruits and vegetables.
  • Cleaner pipes at home and in commercial facilities.
  • Fewer chemicals needed for cleaning and general use.
  • More efficient utilization of fertilizers (better results with less product).
  • Reduction of chlorine in pools and spas; longer times between water changes.
  • Improved pond water quality.
  • Reduced odors from septic tanks because of greater aerobic activity.

    Take a look at this experiment done using Grander for wheat grass growth: 

    Grander Living Water Units

    In-line units can treat all the water in your home or business.

    Grander Energy Rods

    Grander technology in several appropriate sizes to treat ponds, wells, hot tubs, and other bodies of water.

    Grander Living Water Energy Boards

    Handy, attractive, and easy to use. Revitalize water and beverages. Keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer. Comes in two sizes.

    Grander Penergizers

    A portable pen-sized unit for revitalizing water and beverages. An affordable way to experience the benefits of Grander technology.

    3/8" Grander Flexible Living Water Units

    Removable portable unit for use on one line, such as a kitchen faucet, shower, or garden hose. Treats any fluid.

    Grander Living Water Pendants

    Enhance your energy while protecting yourself from harmful EMF’s with these attractive and comfortable pendants. Available in several styles.

    Grander ECO-Kat

    Improves vehicle efficiency - better mileage, less pollution, longer lasting engines and parts. Used by the Chinese Railway.


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