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Grander Living Water Pendants

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The Living Water Pendant is a must for today’s wired (and wireless) world. Many wear it while working on the computer and report improved energy and endurance. The Grander Pendant naturally strengthens the body's energy field to prevent harm from external energy sources.

- Naturally strengthen your personal energy field

- Provide protection from harmful electromagnetic frequencies

- Improve energy and endurance for computer and electronics users


"I have had a Grander Pendant for one month and have believed in its energy-giving properties. One morning in particular, it became evident to me. I had awoken earlier than normal at 4:00 AM. I spent several hours doing paperwork on my computer. I left for work at 8:30 AM, thinking to myself: 'I am exhausted, how am I going to get through this day?' Several minutes later, my wife called and told me that I had left my Grander Pendant at home. It is the first time since purchasing the Pendant that I was without it as long as four hours. I definitely can testify to the energy-giving properties that the Pendant provides. Each of our four family members now has a Grander Pendant." - Alexander Frischholtz


"For a few years now I’ve been on warfarin (an anticoagulant), wether from that or my new mechanical aortic valve I have suffered from what I’ve self diagnosed as “photophobia”. Randomly through out the day I would suffer spells of pretty extreme sensitivity to light, accompanied by light headededness, which would make me not a very happy camper. Perhaps they were just migraines as the symptoms seem similar though I wouldn’t call what I was experiencing headaches, whatever the case they were pretty disorienting.

At this point I had already drastically cleaned up my life and diet, now eating organic, getting more rest, etc… yet was still suffering these episodes. Those at Harvest Haven suggested I try sleeping with a small Grander board against my chest. That made a HUGE difference, the difference in sleeping was night and day, I would and sometimes still do wake up 1-2 hours earlier fully rested, I think my body got the rest it normally did by that time and so thought it was time to get up.

Though I was still suffering some attacks throughout the day, so we decided to try a little more, I gave my Grander pendant to a friend and switched it out for 3 mini penergizers, and by Martin’s advice I also keep 1 in each shoe. No. More. Problems. It’s hard to convey how much this has changed things for me health wise. I realize that my condition is unique but I have two friends who though are perfectly healthy by the worlds standards have also reported they sleep much better with the Grander board. I still have some things to work on as I was a wreck before I came to Harvest Haven so the road to recovery has taken some time but Grander has been a game changer." - Michael L.



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