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Harvest Haven Certified

Over the past two decades, we’ve had many people ask us if we’re “certified organic.” We’ve also had many tell us that we should get “certified.” We’ve even had people look at us skeptically when we tell them our food isn’t technically “certified organic” but our standards are much higher than is required to be certified.

We have absolutely ZERO interest in paying an organization with lower standards than ours, to put their stamp of approval on our product. Particularly when that same stamp is put on products that are grossly inferior to ours. If our customers don’t trust us, they should be shopping elsewhere.

What does Harvest Haven Certified mean?

Harvest Haven Certified means that when you walk into our store, you can pick up any product and know it’s safe to eat or use. We’ve done the research into the products we bring in and will not carry anything that has GMOs or strange chemical concoctions, nor do we carry “organic” products owned by companies that support GMOs or chemical-based agriculture. We don’t want to support any of these operations that are just doing organic for the bottom dollar and are okay poisoning consumers with chemical-laden foods.

You can be assured that Harvest Haven Certified requires standards higher than “certified organic.” For example, certified organic requires “access” to the outdoors for poultry but doesn’t mandate that birds actually go outside. Whereas, our poultry (layers, broilers, turkeys) enjoy fresh air and sunshine even when they are small chicks and spend much of their lives scratching in dirt and eating fresh greens.

Absolutely all aspects of our operation, livestock, fields, and gardens have Grander Living water for better growth and optimum health. These are the products you’re purchasing for their goodness and your wellbeing.

You can meet the farmer, as many of you have, and ask him what goes into producing a “garden carrot,” or how to raise a tender, grass-fed steak, or why the eggs taste so good. We’re more than willing to share with you our experiences from twenty some years of farming according to our rigorous standards.

Harvest Haven Certified means we back what gets our approval with our lives. By God’s grace, we live what we preach without compromise. May it always be so, for all our sakes.

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