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About Us

Harvest Haven started as an organic market farm in 1995 growing u-pick strawberries, raising a few chickens for friends and selling vegetables at the local farmers’ market. Our customers wanted to be able to purchase organic meats and produce throughout the winter, so we opened the on-farm store. As we grew, we added other basics for healthy living. Now, we’re offering some of the best products available for your well-being through our new on-line store. 

To save you the time, energy and trouble, we’ve done the research and product testing. The guesswork is taken out of shopping for the essentials of life.  

Take time to peruse our site, as we have an eclectic selection of quality products for your enjoyment and better health.

Some items, like Grander Living Water Products and HTE Health Devices (SOQI Bed, Chi Machine, Far Infrared Dome, and Electro Reflex Energizer), are listed on our website. Contact us for details and prices.  

Please note, we’re unable to ship perishable products, such as our signature meats and produce. However, if you’re in the Lethbridge area, do stop by.

Our Mission

Harvest Haven’s purpose is to provide health and well-being to everyone in every way we know how, which includes excellent food, energized water and health devices that truly work.

Our primary task is to supply the healthiest, tastiest and most wholesome meats, fruits and vegetables possible, while caring for the entire environment with all due diligence and respect. This includes every part of nature - the air, water, soil, micro-organisms, plants, insects, birds, domestic and wild animals.


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