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Grander at Harvest Haven


How Grander water helped support our new farm.

Installing Grander energy rods

In 1995, we purchased an eighty acre market farm with seven acres of strawberries.  The previous owners used chemical herbicides, pesticides and artificial fertilizers, but we eliminated all of these “cold turkey.”  In our first year of production, 1996, we harvested 3400 pails of strawberries from those fields. 

After strawberry season was over, we were introduced to Grander Living Water and purchased four energy rods, which were installed on the irrigation system the following spring.  We ploughed under five acres of existing fields and replanted one acre, leaving just three.  That summer, even without an effective natural fertilizing program, we harvested nearly an identical crop of strawberries… approximately 3400 ice cream pails. On three acres with the Grander energy rods we produced the same quantity of berries as on seven acres without!

Grander Energy Rods Installed

I acknowledge that Grander was not the only factor involved. When chemicals kill weeds, they also adversely affect the productive plants to a limited degree, so we need to give some credit to the absence of herbicides. As well, some of the fields we ploughed under were past their peak production and we replaced one “old” acre with a new one.

On the other hand, the former owner pumped the fields with artificial fertilizer, whereas we didn’t use any, not even organic, having no organic fertilizer available yet.

So to produce a similar quantity of berries on three acres as we previously did on seven is still a significant improvement, and we cannot but believe Grander was a large part of that.  As we later learned, Grander was also instrumental in helping rid the soil of the toxins that had built up over years of chemical agriculture.

At the beginning, we had the Grander energy rods installed on the outside of the irrigation pipes, but Trevor devised a way to install them internally, boosting their effectiveness considerably by being in direct contact with the water.
Since installing Grander on the farm, our animals drink more water, as do we.  People who begin using Grander report a desire to drink more water, which leads me to believe the primary reason we don’t drink enough is due to its state of disrepair.  It is unappealing, both consciously and subconsciously. Not drinking enough water leads to a host of health problems, many of which are serious.  For this benefit alone, Grander is more than worth it.

We bought the Grander Living Water units by faith, having little understanding of the subtle energies of nature.  There was little information even in the Grander literature.  But the results speak for themselves, over and over again, visibly and otherwise.  Now we not only use Grander, we sell it with the confidence and anticipation that others will experience its wonderful benefits.

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