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Harvest Haven Vision

What I See at Harvest Haven

I see refuge...refuge from a firestorm that even now takes the whole earth and the heavens too.

I see provision...of all needs, physical, mental, spiritual:

Physical - food, clothing, shelter, transportation – all needs - medical, equipment, facilities, utilities, all.

Mental - teaching, laws, principles, work habits, attitudes, perception, peace of mind, freedom from debt burden and all the troubles and vexations of the world.

Spiritual - God with us, speaking, guiding, helping, blessing, teaching, rebuking, correcting, enlightening, protecting, fulfilling, satisfying, completing.

I see all in one...work, rest, leisure, responsibility and the reward, the cost and the pay, together as one...God all in all, hope fulfilled, God the sustenance, the essence, the purpose, the reward, the fulfillment.

I see an explosion...the power of the hour in the hour of His power, spreading outward in all directions in all ways...the powerful leaven, the reverse of a rotting apple in a barrel.

I see a pure example, a breath of fresh air, a break of pleasant light, an oasis for all who come in contact with us, except for the evildoer.

I see judgment...judgment of wicked works and wicked workers, a rebuke of the nations, a harsh blow against the face of unreality, a seizing of the territory from the enemy...physically, mentally, spiritually, economically, socially, politically, financially, doctrinally, religiously, psychologically, practically, theoretically, agriculturally, environmentally, essentially, ultimately, totally.

I see freedom...freedom from tyranny - social, political, economic, governmental, institutional, commercial; freedom from the world's customs, traditions, habits, philosophies, misconceptions, lies, attitudes, errors, foolishnesses, stupidities, pride, fears, temptations, false hopes and dreams, practices, troubles in general.

I see unity...among us in all things and ... unity with/in the Lord, without Whom we have nothing.

I see God as all in all...in work, fellowship, fulfillment, in all we do and are; I see the end, the Omega.

It is the "1000 year reign," the serpent bound, the pre-eminence of the Kingdom of God on earth at long last.

I see a miracle...because all this will be and even now takes place in very ordinary appearance and development. The Kingdom of God does indeed come without observation, is indeed within, is indeed as leaven...hidden, quiet, but powerful and all pervasive.

The Lord does indeed come and the reward is indeed with Him according to as our work shall be. It is the Beginning.

Do you not see it? Thus says the Lord: “Shall you look to the ends of the earth? Shall you look to the world for solace and comfort, for fulfilment? Do you indeed require a break from a break? Do you require salvation from salvation? There shall be no light in the city for I am the Light, says the Lord, and in Me there is no darkness, no insufficiency, no lack. Shall one need the world in any of its myriads of ways and pleasures to relieve him of Me? If anyone loves the world, he doesn't love Me, and perishes with the world and the lusts thereof.

“Tell Me, does anyone of you understand what I have given you? Have you not seen, have you not heard the things that come upon the world? Do you not perceive the treasure, the dignity, the privilege I have bestowed on you? This is not a day of partaking of the Tree of Knowledge so that you might know the bitterness of vanity. It is the Day of the Lord; it is My Day. Have you not had your days? What profit was there in your day, from eating of the Tree of Knowledge and rebelling against My Word? Shall you live by eating from that tree? No. But today is the day of eating from Me and in Me alone do you have Life; in Me alone is there fulfilment.

“Yet even now there is the opportunity, the choice to walk in your own ways, howbeit, no choice to return as in former times because ... I am finished. As it is written: ‘He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still.’

“I shut the door on Noah and I shut it on you.

“I do no longer wait for a man to search out the evil and choose the good, having tasted the evil; I no longer condone one to eat from the serpent and experience the evil, that he may know the value of the good; I no longer subject to vanity. This is My day and though My day is a horrible day to the wicked and to those who choose to walk in their own wisdom, in the lusts of their flesh and in the world's ways of relaxing, entertaining themselves, of enjoyment, despising the good I have given, it is the day of reward to the holy, to the righteous, to the pure to whom all things are pure.

“Taste and see and not only so but eat and embrace that which I have given you and enjoy it together, for surely as I live, says the Lord, there has not been anywhere at any time for anyone until here and now what I have granted you, choosing to do so of My own will and good pleasure. Let the patient one eat of the goodness of the Lord and be forever satisfied, and those that are with him.

“Though it angers Me that you should desire meat in the wilderness, yet I understand your frame and will be merciful to you. Put away your ignorance, your foolishness, the lusts of the flesh, the evil notions. Open your ears, your eyes, your hearts and receive that which I choose to give you now. Taste and see that the Lord is good, that He is indeed a rewarder of those who seek Him diligently, that He is a succourer of the faithful, the believing, the humble, the broken in spirit.

“Oh, you blind! Look around you! Diligently consider: I will not pamper you with the things of the world, but I will feed you with the meat that truly satisfies, meat you know very little and nothing of. Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? For what do you thirst? Do you know? And do you know how you will quench that thirst and satisfy the hunger for what you don't know?

“Believe. No longer be as the stubborn horse or mule that must be forced to do that which is right by bit, spur, whip, and bridle, feeling the pain. Believe and it will indeed go well with you. You needn't even exercise patience so much now as at one time because I bring already the reward. When one receives that which he is patient in hope for, why does he need more patience? Yet it will not be easy or well for the unbelieving. Blessed is the one who does not see yet believes. Blessed also, though not as the other, when he believes, seeing. But cursed is he who sees yet does not believe.

“Children, this is the hour of vindication of all the saints and prophets; this is your hour.”

Victor Hafichuk
March 11, 1997

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