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Grander Penergizer

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Penergizers are portable Grander technology in a pen-like design that you can carry with you anywhere. The Penergizer is the perfect size for your purse or pocket. Take the benefits of energized water wherever you go! Enjoy the improved flavor of juice, coffee, tea, wine, milk and other beverages. Delight your friends with the improvement!

The Penergizer contains Grander Information Water and is made from the highest-grade chromium steel. It transfers these beneficial Grander frequencies to any liquid you wish to treat just by being placed in the liquid or beside the container.


- Revitalize any beverage – water, coffee, milk, tea, juice, or wine

- Grander in a perfect size for purse or pocket

- Bring the benefits of Grander with you wherever you go!



"For a few years now I’ve been on warfarin (an anticoagulant), wether from that or my new mechanical aortic valve I have suffered from what I’ve self diagnosed as “photophobia”. Randomly through out the day I would suffer spells of pretty extreme sensitivity to light, accompanied by light headededness, which would make me not a very happy camper. Perhaps they were just migraines as the symptoms seem similar though I wouldn’t call what I was experiencing headaches, whatever the case they were pretty disorienting.

At this point I had already drastically cleaned up my life and diet, now eating organic, getting more rest, etc… yet was still suffering these episodes. Those at Harvest Haven suggested I try sleeping with a small Grander board against my chest. That made a HUGE difference, the difference in sleeping was night and day, I would and sometimes still do wake up 1-2 hours earlier fully rested, I think my body got the rest it normally did by that time and so thought it was time to get up.

Though I was still suffering some attacks throughout the day, so we decided to try a little more, I gave my Grander pendant to a friend and switched it out for 3 mini penergizers, and by Martin’s advice I also keep 1 in each shoe. No. More. Problems. It’s hard to convey how much this has changed things for me health wise. I realize that my condition is unique but I have two friends who though are perfectly healthy by the worlds standards have also reported they sleep much better with the Grander board.

I still have some things to work on as I was a wreck before I came to Harvest Haven so the road to recovery has taken some time but Grander has been a game changer." -Michael L.


“I have a Penergizer and when I went on holidays to Holland, I took it along. At first I didn’t use it. I got a stomach flu, as the water I was drinking there was not agreeing with my stomach. As soon as I started using the Penergizer, it cleared up right away.”
- Janny W., Taber, Alberta


“I noticed a big difference with my plants when I started to use penergized water for them. Whereas they always looked rather limp, they perked right up, with some of them showing rather amazing growth.” 
- Vanessa Stasiuk - Lethbridge, AB


“To anyone interested in the potentials with using the Penergizer, the lowest cost Grander device, I will mention what my experience has been in using it for the past year. I am one to periodically investigate the use of supplements, medicines, and instruments that promote one's state of well-being. So, when Paul introduced me to the Grander technology, it interested me.

"I have owned and operated an organic bakery for the past 4 years…. Paul left me a sampler [Penergizer] to try for the day, and he offered me a sampling of treated and untreated water, which I thought had a notable difference of feeling a sense of 'life' or 'energy' in the treated water. I still needed a little more convincing that it would be a worthwhile investment, and went on to try using it to treat the water for my bread baking.

"I treated all the water with the Penergizer before baking that day, and was really surprised to have my usual pattern a little messed up by my bread dough feeling distinctively different as I was adding the flour to form my different batches of bread dough, and my having to adjust accordingly…. It seemed like I got a more moist, yet less sticky dough that turned out very nicely. That was enough to convince me that I needed one of these Penergizers for sure. I figured if it did that much to my bread dough, how much more would it do for me and my horses.

"Next, I asked a relative to try two glasses of water and to tell me if they noticed any difference, after I told them what I understood about this technology. I used some good quality, cold well water for the samples. So, with a skeptic's attention, after sipping from both samples for a while, the response to the 'Penergized' water was, 'This tastes like good, fresh water,' while the response to the sample of plain water was, 'What did you put in this? It doesn't taste good and fresh like the other water.' I thought that was great for the Penergizer!

"Anyway, I was glad to get one of these Penergizers, and faithfully use it for my drinking and baking water…. I notice that it does make a difference in the development of a good dough, as it does feel different as it develops. I have noticed for certain that my breads have a better shelf life than they did during my first 3 years of baking. Another change in this past year, since using the Penergizer, is that I have reduced my usage of yeast to less than two-thirds of what I formerly used…. With the use of the Penergizer… I could reduce my use of yeast by one half to one third and still get a very nice bread with an improved shelf life.

"I am very careful to keep the Penergizer with me for baking and drinking, as I am convinced by experience that it does certainly enhance the quality of my baked goods, and must indeed be beneficial for myself.

"I cherish my little Penergizer like the keys to my car! Thank you much.”
- Kezia, Kezia's Kitchen, Hamilton, Montana


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