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Grander Living Water Units

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These Living Water units are the most popular sizes for whole house and small industry water treatment. Installation is easy and inexpensive. The unit is simply placed in-line on the water main entering the building. Best of all, there are no operating costs - electricity, natural gas, chemicals, or recharge materials. After a unit is placed in-line, whatever water used is continuously revitalized.

Sizes available: 
3/8" - 4"


"I recently purchased a Grander Water Revitalizer and I am thrilled with this device. The first thing I noticed is that my water feels softer and I get lots more suds when I wash dishes. The other day I cleaned the fridge using just water and it is now spotless and shiny. The garden picked up noticeably after I watered it.

The water in Ontario is very high in iron and my well water is no exception. I am no longer getting tiny particles of iron in my pots and I fully expect that I will not be getting any more rust stains in my sinks. I used to hear lots of banging and thumping noises in my pipes, but since installing the Grander unit, things are now much quieter. I have noticed that water on the stove comes to a boil faster now.

I enjoy the taste and texture of the Grander water and I am anticipating health benefits from drinking it. This unit lasts forever and is maintenance free. Thank You Mr. Grander for your wonderful invention!"                                                                                                                          - W. Emerson, Bonfield, Ontario


“Since we have discovered the peaceful refuge of Harvest Haven, started eating truly organic food, begun using Grander Living Water, we have not only 'felt' better, we have measurable results."

"Our last eye exam showed improved eyesight and we both needed less correction in our prescriptions.

"Every 8 weeks, Barbara gets a blood test for liver enzymes (and a few other things), because of a medication she takes for Parkinson's Disease. This regular test showed improvement in her enzymes as well an increase in red and white blood cell counts immediately following the installation of our Grander water unit.

"This improvement has continued. Our cravings for sugar and carbs have been eliminated, enabling us to lose weight. Carl has lost 20 pounds and Barbara, 10.

"Because of Grander Living Water, consumption of soap has been dramatically reduced in our household and fabric softener completely eliminated. Along with filters for chlorine and fluoride, Grander Living Water has improved the condition of our skin and drastically reduced the need for lotions and creams. Our hot water tank has apparently been cleaned inside, because our hot water has gotten hotter and we have been able to turn down the temperature." 
- Carl & Barbara Bogda, Taber, Alberta


“At the house at Harvest Haven, there was a half-inch Grander on-line unit (besides rods at the source). We found out at the Grander conference in Austria last spring that one should never install a unit smaller than the water line. We replaced the half inch with a three-quarter inch and what a difference! We removed the water softener, finding the water even softer without it now that we have the larger Grander unit. The dishes come out cleaner, glasses are clear, and the water feels that much better.”
- Harvest Haven Market Farm – Lethbridge, AB


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