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Grander Is Necessary and Affordable

Restoring the natural structure of water directly improves its microbiological health, because beneficial microorganisms thrive in properly structured water. Just as your body needs a healthy environment for beneficial microorganisms, water also needs a hospitable environment for the microorganisms that help it stay clean. 

That is why revitalization accompanied by proper aeration helps clear up algae blooms in ponds and stagnant water. The man-made factors that have disturbed the harmonious balance of water are reversed, so water ecology can thrive.

This effect has also been proven in other applications such as industrial water-cooling towers. In cooling towers, water is under terrific stress that leads to rampant bacterial growth, corrosion and/or lime deposits that come from the use of biocides. Grander revitalization helps stabilize the water through healthy microbiological changes from within. The result: water remains clean with far fewer chemicals and operating costs are lowered dramatically.

If Grander helps keep water clean and operational in industry and the environment, think of what it will mean for your health! You are a water-based living system. Revitalized water enhances all living systems, whether a pond, a well, or your body. The application and benefits of revitalization are for everyone - from the homeowner to large industry.

Grander Water Revitalization systems have been shown in standardized biological tests to maintain 100% effectiveness after years of use. There are no replacement parts or electricity required. There are no overhead or maintenance costs. There are no additional costs.

With Grander you can have all your water treated, including your bathing water. Bathing water can influence your health as much, or more, than your drinking water.

Is it expensive? For the cost of a family of four drinking high quality natural spring water for half a year, you can pay for a Grander house system, with the added benefit of treating ALL your water, bathing and more.   

And for a fraction of the cost of a house system, you can treat all your drinking water and other beverages with a Penergizer. With a Grander Board, you can even treat produce and refrigerated items.  

We have been using Grander at Harvest Haven since 1996. According to the results we have experienced, and our understanding of the importance of water in all applications, we consider Grander an essential for all water use, everywhere, all the time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can use Grander in conjunction with water filters (which we recommend), but you cannot use filters to replace Grander. For the best results, water should be both filtered and revitalized.

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