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Learn About Grander Water Technology

    Everyone has questions about Grander water technology. Read these commonly asked questions and find out how grander water is for you and the options available to you.
      • Why is Original Grander Technology of importance to me?

    Aside from air, there is no element more important to life than water. As one water expert says, "All the good food you eat cannot make up for all the bad water you drink." The question then is, “What is good water?” Good water must be pure and living.  Filtering water for purity is quite common, but revitalizing water is relatively unknown.  Grander is a unique technology that deals with this second critical, yet overlooked, aspect of good water.


      • What is so unique about Original Grander Technology?

    Grander Water products are a sustainable technology that helps return water to its natural state by reorganizing and stabilizing its internal structure. Grander is also unique in that:

    1. There are no replacement parts and no maintenance.

    2. It uses no chemicals, magnets or electricity.

    3. This technology is environmentally beneficial; it uses natural processes to revitalize water naturally.

    4. It is not a filter.


    • What can I expect from Original Grander Technology?

      Water will taste better; you may actually enjoy regularly drinking water for the first time. As one satisfied user puts it, "The water is fresh tasting and invigorating."

      Your skin feels smoother and many skin conditions have shown substantial improvement.

      Many report experiencing a greater sense of general well being. Some specific areas where people have reported improvements are: Digestion, Elimination, Circulation, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis, Eczema, Edema, Energy, and more.

      When washing with "Granderized" water, things get cleaner; you use less soap with better results.

      Animals prefer "Granderized" water. Fruit trees and vegetables often show more resistance to disease and have higher yields when watered with “Granderized” water.

      Fixtures, pipes, and water infrastructure require less maintenance and last longer.


      • How does Original Grander Technology create these results?

    Johann Grander discovered that water conveys information through its molecular structure, which is positive when formed by various natural influences. Grander Technology works on this principle to restore the healthy structure that water had before being overcome by chemical pollutants, man-made electromagnetic frequencies, and high pressure, straight-line transport systems. Through positive structural changes in the water, its role as a natural cleaner and solvent is re-established. The new environment in the water also fosters a healthy microbiological balance, which acts like an immune system, making it more resistant to harmful bacteria and keeping it fresh longer.


      • How does this affect my health?

    Water with healthy structure has greater dissolvability, so it can carry more vital nutrients in solution through the blood. Revitalized water more readily penetrates the cell wall. Why is this important? Hydration is about more than just pouring water into your body; it is about getting nutrients into the cells.

    When you drink revitalized water you won't be starving in the midst of plenty. Your good food and supplementation won't be wasted because the water is carrying nutrients to where they can be used.

    Not only do nutrients need IN, but wastes must get OUT of cells: without good dissolvability, toxins and wastes are not effectively removed from the body. This too is a very important factor in your health.

    Also, revitalizing water increases the availability of dissolved oxygen. All cellular processes depend on oxygen. Increased availability of oxygen can achieve several things: greater ability to handle stress, faster and more complete healing, more energy, and support for balancing the intricate biochemical processes of the body, helping the body deal with all health issues.

    Water transports nutrients throughout the body. Without good water, you are at a disadvantage. Grander Water Revitalization restores water so that your body can get the elements it needs to achieve and maintain good health.


      • What do doctors have to say about Grander

    Dr. Keith Maitland - Palm Beach, Gold Coast:

    "After treating a patient with limited success for a particularly difficult E-Coli infection with herbs and vitamins, Grander 'Energized Water' was introduced, followed rapidly by the correction of the E-Coli infection."

    Shelly Axford, (B.App.Sci)- Chiropractor - Melbourne, Victoria:

    "I was on hydrogen peroxide therapy for the treatment of chronic eczema and chronic fatigue. This therapy was having no effect on my health. It was a short amount of time after I had been using Grander 'Energized Water' that there was noticeable improvement in both my energy levels and eczema."

    Dr. Sherry Greenberg, ND and Doctor of Homeopathy - Los Angeles, CA:

    "The water you use is as important, if not more so, than the food you eat. Because of what Grander means for water, it is the #1 factor that I teach my patients about for returning to a state of balance and health."


      • How does one apply Original Grander Technology?

    There are various ways to use Grander Technology. Treat a glass of water or any beverage with the portable Penergizer. Positively influence any liquid or foodstuff with a Grander Board. Treat your whole water supply with an Inline Unit installed on the main water line. Treat a well, cistern, or hot tub with an Energy Rod. We can help you determine what will work best for your particular situation.


    • How much does it cost?

    You can treat your drinking water by the glass with the portable Grander Penergizer or by the gallon with the small Grander Board. All the water in your house– bathing, washing, watering, and drinking – can be treated automatically with a Grander Living Water Unit.

    Two very important cost considerations are that any Grander product you purchase works indefinitely and requires no additional running costs (electricity or filters, for example). That means your cost of owning and operating a Grander device becomes smaller and smaller over time. For example, we have had a ¾” house unit for 14 years. After initial purchase and installation, it has cost us approximately 44 cents a day to own and operate, which figure will continue to lower as the years pass by. That comes to the low, low cost of approximately 3 cents a gallon and diminishing!

    The most important cost consideration doesn’t have to do with price, however, but with value. After experiencing the many benefits of Grander, which are not available through standard water treatment systems, we would not consider being without our Grander system.


      • Is this technology proven?

    Yes. Various scientific bodies have studied Grander since its introduction to Europe in 1989. The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences awarded inventor Johann Grander their highest award, the Silver Medal. He was the first nonRussian to receive this prestigious award. Also, various industries and such companies as BMW and Isosport have used Grander Technology with consistent, measurable results, yielding lower costs and higher quality production.


      • Can I know for sure this will work?

    When we first heard of Grander, there was little information available on how it worked, and we were baffled by the technology. We did what we could for research, but firstly prayed to God to show us what we should do. Through Marilyn the Lord spoke and told us to purchase Grander, "the sooner the better." He didn't tell us how it worked, only that it worked. We followed His instruction, by faith, and soon found that Grander indeed did work. 

    Marilyn's hands, which had suffered cracking around the cuticles for many years, and had not responded to creams, lotions, or diet finally healed within weeks of drinking and washing with Grander. We experienced several significant benefits, and since then so have many others. True faith is not confidence in what does not exist, or what does not work, but is evidence of what does exist and works, though the substance of the thing is unseen. 

    As I type this now, I can tell you I have no idea how Grander works, but it does! Though I don't understand it, I use it. We know by our multiple personal experiences, along with that of our customers, not to mention the many scientific studies and successful applications of this technology around the world.


      • Who is responsible for this technology, and where does it come from?

    Austrian naturalist Johann Grander is the inventor. Mr. Grander has worked on restorative technologies using natural methods for over 40 years.


      • Does Original Grander Technology replace other water treatment systems?

    Perhaps, but not necessarily. You should always "Granderize" your water no matter what other treatments are being used or could possibly be needed. There is no other proven way to help water establish a permanent, healthy structure. Without healthy structure, water is impaired, and other treatments are less effective, as is the water itself. Other treatments are necessary to deal with specific water conditions.

    Call or e-mail so we can help you evaluate your particular situation.


      • Is Grander for more than just water?

    Absolutely! There is Grander Technology for the body, in the form of attractive pendants for boosting energy and providing resistance against the electromagnetic fields that surround us everywhere.

    There is also Grander Technology for the automobile, which improves the quality of fuel and combustion. The Chinese Railway studied a wide variety of devices to improve fuel efficiency, and chose the Grander ECO-cat for its measurable results in lowering fuel consumption and maintenance costs and greatly reducing emissions. 

    The Grander Board revitalizes fruits and vegetables and any liquids simply by placing them on or near the board. Skin lotions, shampoos, and oils (cooking or medicinal) are improved in quality and effectiveness.  Place the Grander board in the refrigerator to slow bacterial growth, preserve produce, and extend the life of leftovers.

    Now, a question for you:

    Isn't it about time to have revitalized water in your life?

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