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Harvest Haven Certified

Posted on January 02, 2019

harvest haven certified logo

 Over the past two decades, we've had many people ask us if we're "certified organic." We've also had many tell us that we should get "certified." We've even had people look at us skeptically when we tell them our food isn't technically "certified organic" but our standards are much higher than is required to be certified.

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Feeding the World

Posted on December 19, 2018

old barn

A farm regulated to production of raw commodities is not a farm at all. It is a temporary blip until the land is used up, the water polluted, the neighbors nauseated, and the air unbreathable. The farmhouse, the concrete, the machinery, and outbuildings become relics of a bygone vibrancy when another family farm moves to the city financial centers for relief. 

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