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The Enemy is Among Us

Posted on February 27, 2019
So, the response to my ruminations in the previous Harvest Haven Happenings proved my point. I don’t know if there’s much to be said, but I’ll likely go on for a while, anyway. For all of you who witnessed the reaction on the Harvest Haven Facebook page, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I rest my case.

I hope those who witness these conflagrations understand the gravity of these matters. It’s too easy to ignore the steady and surprisingly rapid decline of our culture, hoping and perhaps praying that it won’t impact us too negatively.

It could have been said years ago that the enemy was at the gates. I think the hideous behaviour of these growling zombies has aptly proven that now the enemy is among us. Many of the people you may deal with regularly in your day to day life are the same kinds of folks that went viciously wild on us in these posts.

For those of you who haven’t witnessed the ugly response on our Facebook page, we’ve left the record for all to see. A quick glance is all you’ll need. The essence of their vile speech is enough to make your stomach turn. You’re free to confirm the matter for yourself, but I should warn you, with no exaggeration, that what some of them have had to say is uglier than death itself.

Let me put it this way: Give these haters of Truth the absolute power to demonstrate their moral fiber and they would make the Nazis look like ballerinas at a dance recital.

At the very least, the Nazis, in all their hatred and horrid depravity, were justifying their violence and vitriol with the end goal of a pure, powerful, and productive empire. Don’t think for a second I believe there’s anything good about their goal. It was pure evil. There was even a Jewish girl who, reflecting on the state of Europe after the war, said, “At least in Hitler’s Germany, the trains ran on time.”

Those who attacked us are worse than Nazis. They rape, kill, and destroy for pure pleasure and entertainment. They don’t envision a “glorious world of productivity and order” that justifies their hatred of mankind and thirst for conflict. They live to mock, curse, kill, and defile. They have no objective after that. They have no ideals. They have no love.

These our antagonists hardly pretend to be the defenders of equality and freedom and their actions clearly demonstrate that. They claim that we have no respect for other genders, races, classes, or practisers of other religions. And yet on account of being a white heterosexual male Christian who isn’t on welfare, I am public enemy number one. Only lawless people with their hearts set on destruction isolate specific identities and spend all day discussing identity politics and how they can divide, condemn, and conquer. Convince me otherwise.

We know people according to their fruits, not by their appearances or the virtues they attempt to colour themselves with like children scribbling with crayons. But we are clear on one thing: Truth will always prevail in the end and in times like these, we are so thankful to know that.
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