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Harvest Haven Certified Bread

Posted on August 01, 2019

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With so many rumors going around about bread and how evil it is, it was tragic to us to see the Staff of Life regarded as the End of Life. Bread has been framed! So, we set out to clear its name.

Most of the imposter "bread" you can buy today is:

not fermented with the right microbes,
not fermented with enough moisture,
not fermented nearly long enough,
not baked properly,
made from an ingredient list shockingly like that of cake (sugar, oil, dairy eggs, etc.),
made from grains that are saturated in agricultural chemicals before and after harvest,
made from flour that is stripped of nourishment and then "fortified" with strange proteins and synthetic vitamins,
made with terrible, industrial waste salt, and worse water.


It's no surprise that eating a barely fermented, chemically saturated cake day after day will make you gain weight and lose health.

We set out to do things simply, properly, naturally, decently, nutritionally, and healthily.

At the Harvest Haven Hearth, Heaven meats Earth. We make an honest and humble loaf that is amazingly good and nourishes the body. We use a few simple earthy ingredients and good old-fashioned wood fire to make a heavenly loaf of bread.

Our Country Loaves are made with only quality Granderized water, organic flour, and natural salt.

Our water is pure and revitalized.

Our flour is always 100% organic.

Our salt is always fresh sea salt hand-harvested from the cleanest waters available.

There are no sugars, oils, eggs, dairy products, thickeners, fortifiers, preservatives, or agricultural/industrial chemicals in our bread.

We leaven our bread with an old-fashioned sourdough culture that we've been nurturing for nearly a decade.

The dough is very wet and ferments for 18 hours before baking, which facilitates a very industrious and robust microbiological community.

We bake the bread in a traditional brick, wood-fired oven. Using a hot mass of brick to bake the bread instead of hot air (like most ovens) creates an unmistakably excellent loaf. We'd be glad to explain the biophysics, but you'll know it if you try it!

Our customers are very happy. The bread is incredibly good and lots of folks who thought they were gluten intolerant have found out they were just "lousy bread" intolerant, and you know we don't tolerate lousy bread either!

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