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We just want groceries, not your political rants!

Posted on February 13, 2019

I’ll start with a trigger warning.

Some of you have expressed to us, “We just want groceries, not your political rants!” If that’s the case, stop reading now and continue to buy our groceries.
You should all know that we are first and foremost, lovers of Truth. Our clean, honest, trustworthy farming practices are an extension of that fact.

Also keep in mind, this is not actually a political rant, as we do not profess solidarity with any political party. That being said, our lives are affected every day by the political system that governs us, so to tie my hands up and tell me, “I don’t want to hear about your politics,” while injustice spreads like a plague, is totally unacceptable. No evil totalitarian rule has ever subjugated a nation without plenty of warning from a few almost universally condemned spokespeople.

Now, on to the story.

I was visiting with one of our customers a few days ago and he had an interesting story to tell. While he was picking up a few things in town, he mentioned in passing to a store clerk that he was a big fan of our grass-fed beef. He had tried other organic beef and it just wasn’t the same. (This detail is kind of unrelated to the story, but it’s good advertising so I’m including it.)
A woman in that store overheard his positive review of our business and couldn’t bear it. She pulled him aside and told him, “I would never shop at Harvest Haven. I don’t like those people.” Our customer is a pretty cool cucumber, so he says, “I haven’t had any problems and their meat is great. Why don’t you like them?”

Her response is the subject of what I want to express today.

“I would never shop with them. They are violent!”

Our customer’s response was great. He said, “Wow, that’s a pretty heavy-handed accusation. Do you have any evidence to substantiate it?”

She stormed off indignantly, obviously short of evidence.

Violent! The people of Harvest Haven are violent. Likely this woman was part of the mob that called us xenophobic, misogynous, racist Nazis earlier last year. It takes my breath away. But now that my breath has returned, I would like to use it to express some historical truths that weigh heavier on my mind with every passing day. I’ll start with two quotes, before address these very heavy-handed accusations.

The philosopher Santayana wrote once that, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” and someone else, forever known as Anonymous, added that “every time history repeats itself the price goes up.”
Now, of all the chapters of history that aren’t pleasant to discuss but I sure don’t want to see repeated, I think the Nazi regime ranks pretty high. I’ve chosen Nazis as a point of discussion for three reasons. One, they personify violence. Two, we’ve been accused of being like Nazis. And three, because our leftist accusers are so perfectly in sync with Nazi ideology that the hypocrisy of their accusations can’t go unnoticed and should not go unaddressed.

And let’s clear something up: “Nazi” is short for National Socialism. Yes, the Nazis were 100% socialist.

NOTE: Hitler didn’t hate the communists for their ideology, he hated them for taking their orders from a country (Russia) other than Germany. Although Germany permitted “private” property and industry under Nazi rule, the government regulated what you could do with your “private” property and industry with a totalitarian fist. Essentially, National Socialism is Communism dressed up to not offend Western Capitalists.

Also, note that Hitler was fascinated by the American Democratic Party and borrowed his socialistic and racist ideologies straight from their handbook. Even his eugenics (killing all “non-perfect” people) program was borrowed directly from American Progressive Democrats, like Margaret Sanger who founded “Planned Parenthood.” Hitler said that her books were his bible.
Also, keep in mind that the Democratic Party in the U.S. was founded for the sole purpose of defending plantation slavery in the South. The Leftist political system in the U.S. is responsible for every pro-racism law ever passed. The KKK was the militant hand of the Leftists, directly akin to Mussolini’s “Brownshirts.”

The Right-wing political establishment in the U.S., however, is responsible for every bill that moved for extermination of racism. Any left-wing media source that insinuates or declares otherwise is lying.

So, let’s talk about some quintessential trademarks of the Italian and German National Socialism that I think we can all agree are establishable. Then we’ll see how well those ideas line up with ours at Harvest Haven.

1. Nazism desires to enforce state regulated production of goods (e.g. egg quotas, dairy quotas, broiler quotas, etc. All of which we are now subject to in Canada).
2. Nazism believes in redistribution of wealth by force. In other words, they used taxes to steal from (on the whole) successful hardworking people and gave that money to those who were (on the whole) less hardworking and successful.
3. Nazism, despite its socialist, virtue signalling, wealth distribution ideals, concentrated wealth in the hands of the political elite who were not answerable for their expenditures.
4. Nazism fully supported killing imperfect children. Abortion clinics and our publicly funded healthcare system support identifying handicapped children before they are born and killing them. Do remember that Planned Parenthood is a barbaric organization whose founding purpose was to “purify” the human race. What’s worse, it does not limit itself to the handicapped today.
5. Nazism enforced Darwinian “Survival of the Fittest” doctrine as the new religion.
6. Nazism believed in segregation, slavery, or annihilation of other races, particularly the Jews.
7. Nazism enforced total social conformity, primarily through control of the educational curriculum and the media.
8. Nazism (remember the Night of the Broken Glass – “Kristallnacht”) desires to disarm their citizens so they can’t defend themselves from ideologies they don’t agree with.
9. Nazism enforced censorship by any means necessary to silence dissension.
10. Nazism believed that terrorism, gangsterism, threats, and violence were all justifiable means to an end when it came to establishing their ideologies.
Now, let’s see. I think Harvest Haven has publicly opposed points 1 to 6 and stands in total opposition to the left-wing ideologies that are currently governing our culture. This, much to the outrage and dismay of Lethbridge.

So, it’s clear to see that our ideologies are anti-Nazi in every single way, and our leftist opposition is completely Nazi in every way. Don’t be fooled by the Left’s fixation on “anti-racism.” Their constant fixation on race is a concentrated effort to make sure the racial differences remain clearly distinct and identifiable.

Have you ever met an outspoken leftist that isn’t anti-Semitic? I haven’t. (There are even leftist Jews that are anti-Semitic; self haters; go figure.)

Now, let’s see if we, at Harvest Haven, have anything in common with the Nazi methods of enforcing ideologies as laid out in points 7 to 10. We don’t believe in public education, particularly not with such a leftist slant. Nor do we have any interest in bowing to the politically correct laws of social conformity that the Left imposes. We also support the right to bear arms. We strongly oppose censorship of any kind. And last, we have never condoned the use of terrorism or violence in any form to enforce an ideology.

Have you ever seen the Right (Conservatives or the Republicans down south) rioting and smashing windows when they lose an election? Folks, Leftist rioting is no more than a colossal bratty fit of entitlement! “You do as we say and we’ll do as we please.” I could spend days detailing the ideological self-contradictions of the Left.

The Left has always enforced with censorship and violence. Whether it was Hitler’s youth, or Mussolini’s Brownshirts, or the recreationally outraged mob that forms on social media today whenever a dissident to their Leftist ideology speaks out.

Remember, last year when we had 200 people threatening to put us out of business, spreading rumours about us using human manure on our vegetables, insulting us, and mocking our Faith. Those people are the modern-day equivalent of Hitler’s youth smashing in the shop windows of any business owners that opposed their ideologies. And didn’t they get us banned from the Farmer’s Market simply for speaking our convictions? Isn’t that censorship?

And yet they call us “violent” when their ideologies and methods of enforcing their doctrines are identical in every way to the most quintessentially violent ideology that’s ever been. These people epitomize violent Nazism, while calling us Fascists and Nazis.

Don’t be fooled by their self-righteous rhetoric. They hate freedom; they hate fairness; and they despise the weak. That’s why they engage in violence and set up ideologies and economies that betray the good and eliminate the vulnerable.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a political pro-capitalism propaganda effort. Nor is this a condemnation of socialism, which, when exercised with wisdom and love, is not objectionable. However, Capitalism’s stability depends on man’s predictable desire to get ahead. The success of socialism depends on man’s desire to be good. I think the former is about as likely as the sun rising and setting daily, and the latter as likely as sitting down for coffee with a herd of unicorns this afternoon.

Folks, we are up against dangerous ideas in dangerous times. Let’s not be naïve.

P.S. For all of you who read this and are outraged, please understand that having your worldview shaken is very traumatic and can cause irrational outbursts. I mean this in all seriousness; I’m not trying to patronize. I’ve experienced it myself.

Please read and reread what I’ve written before thinking this a hateful diatribe or a self-righteous soapbox. This is important stuff. Don’t say or do something you’ll regret.

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