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We are an eighty-acre, organic, mixed market farm with an on-farm store five milessoutheast of Lethbridge, Alberta. After purchasing the farm in 1995, we immediately changed the operation to organic; that is, we farm without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, artificial fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, and genetically modified organisms. Instead, we use natural fertilizers, friendly cultivation, crop rotation, microbiological enrichment, and Grander Living Water (Read Grander on the Farm). Our standards and practices far exceed those required for organic certification.

The farm has a synergistic diversification of beef cattle, sheep, layer and broiler chickens, turkeys, pasture, hay, grain, vegetable and herb gardens, strawberries and raspberries for u-pick and we-pick, bee hives for honey, and an orchard of apples, plums and cherries (See Harvest Haven Products).

Our on-farm store, open Sunday thru Friday, carries not only what we produce on the farm, but a full range of organic groceries, including genuine salt, personal care items, safe cleaning products, as well as the basics for healthy living. We have effective and economical filtration solutions and Grander revitalization units  for your water, Heaven Fresh ionizers to treat the air, and excellent health aids and equipment for restoring and maintaining your health.

StrawberriesThe guesswork is taken out of shopping for the essentials of life. We do the research and find the best products for the best prices. Every day we are searching and researching, discussing, analyzing, evaluating, comparing, and being in touch with many throughout the world.

Will there be something better than what we offer? That is possible, and has happened. Things are always changing and we are always learning. However, our goal and commitment is to search out the very best, make it available, and save you the time, energy and trouble. Our desire and ambition is that when you come to Harvest Haven, you can feel confident that we know whereof we speak and that you can receive our advice with peace of mind.

Besides providing the best products available, we are here to help people live well… to learn how to farm organically and in harmony with God, man, and creation, to connect others with resources and contacts necessary and available for everyone's benefit. We offer advice on wholesome food preparation and preservation, farming techniques, choices of seeds, fertilizers, equipment, and on living in general.

This is our farm, God-given, a good farm, more than a farm. We have much for which to be thankful. We look forward to sharing it with those who come.

Victor Hafichuk

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