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The HotHouse (Far Infrared Dome)


The HotHouse (Far Infrared Dome)

The Far Infrared Dome (HotHouse) radiates a gentle, invisible, healing frequency that deeply penetrates and slightly elevates body temperature. The resulting stimulation is in harmony with the body's own heat generation and internal processes, providing benefits that have been found to be helpful for many health conditions and overall wellbeing.

Made by the same company that manufactures the Chi Machine, the HotHouse works synergistically with the Chi Machine. In our experience, the two constitute a portable, enjoyable, health spa and hospital. You can use them at your convenience, at home or away without spending a fortune in dollars, energy, or time.

The HotHouse is excellent for:

Detox - Helps remove harmful substances not effectively removed by normal saunas
Pain - Decreases the body's harmful inflammation response; relieves back, shoulder, neck, and muscle pain
Sensation - Brings back a sense of feeling to areas going numb
Skin –Helps slow down aging, reduces acne, and heals chapping; removes overgrown scar tissue, stimulates tissue growth where needed, removes excess pigment, and restores it where needed
Healing – Activates healing components within the immune system
Cancer - Deep penetrating heat found to be effective
Viruses, colds, bronchitis, sinusitis
Chronic diseases
Injuries, surgeries, sprains, and strains
Gastric and duodenal ulcers
Rheumatism, arthritis, gout - Helps reduce uric acid concentration
Stomach aches
High blood pressure - Reduces blood pressure and improves circulation


What happens when you use the Far Infrared Dome:

Elevates the temperature of subcutaneous layers, thus expanding blood capillaries, stimulating blood circulation, increasing metabolism between blood and tissue, promoting tissue regeneration, and reducing cramping
Penetrates 4-5 centimeters into the dermis (middle layer of skin) within an hour to affect muscle tissue, blood vessels, lymphatic glands, and nerves
Impacts every living cell and produces warmth - Through this cell tissue "micro friction" and the vibration of molecules, chemicals within cells are activated
Promotes elimination of the waste products generated by aging, heavy metals, and toxic substances secreted by the sweat and dermis-layer fat glands
Promotes the killing of many pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites
Promotes the formation of enzymes, increasing levels of nitric oxide synthase for improved heart function and the repair and protection of organ cells
Adjusts autonomic nerve function and reduces the over-stimulation of sensory nerves

The question isn't so much, "What is the Far Infrared Dome good for?" as "What is the Far Infrared Dome not good for?"


Customer Reviews & Feedback

"When I was nineteen I was diagnosed with a hormone-secreting tumor on my adrenal gland. Basically this meant if I wasn’t careful my blood would turn acidic and cause internal bleeding problems. I went through radiation, and then medicated treatments, and nothing seemed to help. It finally came to a point where I was told it was inoperable because of the location, and therefore I would have to adjust my lifestyle to accommodate my permanent tumor.

At twenty-two, I’ve learned how to best deal with this to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Six months ago on my routine check-up, I was told the tumor hadn’t spread, but it was the same as it had always been, reinforcing the idea that it would be part of me for the rest of my life.

Shortly after the check-up, I discovered the Far Infrared Dome, also called the Hot House, at Harvest Haven. When I began using the Hot House, I would feel sick, and could only use it for fifteen minutes per day. Now, six months later I use the Hot House a minimum of twice a day.

At my check up a week ago, I was told parts of my tumor were no longer found, meaning for the first time in 3 years, my tumor is showing signs of going away, clinically impossible according to my doctor. This has had amazing changes on my body, pain levels, and overall health.

I would recommend this for anyone struggling in the same areas. At first I didn’t believe sitting in something so comfortable could make you physically better, but somehow it did, and this has made all the difference."  - Shay R.

"I worked hard Thursday to put up heavy light fixtures, which was a strain on my upper body and neck.

The next morning, I woke up with a stiff neck that couldn't turn fully to the left, right, or up because it felt like a tendon in my right neck was painful. This strain seemed to go all the way down to my right shoulder plate at its bottom at times.

Then I remember Lynn has a Hot House, and I got under that thing. At about half an hour of use, the neck tendon that felt tense suddenly loosened up and stopped pulling. Praise God for the Hot House.

Now there is some soreness today, but it's not restricting movement anymore. Probably a remanent of muscle soreness after all that awkward lifting two days ago."  - Alan A.

 "We kind of put the machines in the corner and forgot about them.  Every now and then, we would take them out and use them.  Within the past few months, I finally started reading up on the equipment and the benefits of using them seemed kind of unbelievable but have been trying it for several different things…and it really does work!

"Note:  They don’t work if you don’t use them so I had to make a serious commitment to use them daily."   - Terri Cabreros, Hawaii 

"I purchased a HotHouse because I had such back/hip pain that I could no longer ride my horses.  I also had difficulty getting into my truck and walking up stairs.  Multiple specialists had told me I should never ride again. After using the HotHouse regularly and receiving very few chiropractic treatments (after almost 6 months of traditional medical therapy), my back feels so much better that I have been able to begin riding again. I also found that I sleep far better and feel more rested after using the HotHouse." - Cheryl A.

"In April of 2007, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I was told it would be fall of 2007 before I would be able to have surgery to remove the tumour. However before surgery was even scheduled I developed complications from the tumour and had emergency surgery in the Foothills hospital in Calgary. I had a long recovery and remained in the hospital for 2 months following my emergency surgery.By this time I was down to 93 lbs and very weak. It was recommended that I have chemotherapy, so after one dose of chemotherapy and almost not surviving that I chose to end chemo treatments.

A friend had told us about Harvest Haven and the "hot house" so my daughter took me to see Harvest Haven. I was in a lot of pain at that time so they let me lay under the hot house for 2 hours and already my pain had eased. We purchased a hot house on November 9, 2007 and I faithfully used it a minimum of 4 hours everyday. My CA 125 tests have returned to normal, and I feel full of energy, my weight has returned.

I still use the hot house everyday along with a few other things Harvest Haven recommended. It is so nice to be able to once again enjoy life and take care of my day to day living, I would like to thank Harvest Haven for their knowledge and time." - Christine Hillman

“I purchased the HotHouse for use on periodontal difficulties and infection.  With faithful use of the HotHouse I have had relief of pain and my mouth is healing well.  I have used it with my children when they were coming down with the flu and their symptoms subsided.” - R. H.


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