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The Chi Machine by Sun Ancon


The Chi Machine

The Chi Machine is a remarkable invention! So simple to useyet so effective in so many respects: relaxing, massaging, stimulating, oxygenating, energizing and… enjoyable.  It is hard to believe that such a seemingly uncomplicated device could do so much, but that is the beauty of the Chi Machine – 38 years of research, development, and testing in an easy-to-use package.

It provides a relaxing, therapeutic massage that leaves you with a wonderful tingling sensation, the result of increased oxygen and blood flow.  These two fundamentals do several things to improve your health and quality of life.

Every one of us has stories to tell about how this machine has helped. After over nine years, every one of us still uses the Chi Machine almost, if not, daily, and looks forward to doing so. What better endorsement is there?! The reason that you too will use your Chi Machine every day is not because you have to, but because you want to.

Here is what you need to do: Just lie down, put your feet up, and the Chi Machine does the rest.

How it works

Once you are lying down with your ankles cradled on the Chi Machine, you simply set the timer to the desired amount of time and relax.  The gentle, undulating ‘goldfish’ motion will sway your body from “toe to head.”  There are three basic positions for your arms, each of which stimulates and exercises the body in a different way.

What the Chi Machine’s figure-8, goldfish movement does:

• Performs a pure aerobic activity to create an oxygen surplus in the body
Gives the equivalent oxygen benefit of an hour walk, in just ten minutes!
• Relaxes muscles, relieving tension in back, neck, and shoulders
• Improves circulation of blood and lymph
• Massages internal organs
• Speeds detoxification and healing
• Rejuvenates and energizes body and mind
• Makes you feel good!

Other commonly reported benefits of the Chi Machine:

• Fewer aches and pains
Better elimination
• Stronger immune system
• Relief from headaches
• More energy and greater sense of well being
• Stronger and more limber spine and joints
• Better skin tone
• Sounder, more restful sleep
• Greatly increased ability to relax and let go of stress and tension

"The pattern of motion the Chi Machine generates in the human body uses minimum effort and achieves maximum results," says Dr. Inoue. "It improves the basic metabolism of the body, increases our energy, adds flexibility to our lives and improves our attitude. It can also increase our sense of awareness and balances the connection between mind and body."

"Use the minimum amount of effort and achieve the maximum result of having exercised...." Dr. Inoue, Inventor of the Chi Machine

History of the Chi Machine

The Chi Machine was developed in Japan by Keiichi Ohasahi, president and engineer of Skylite Industry. Although originally known as Sun Harmony, it was later changed to Sun Ancon. The motion it provides was taken from a historic cartial arts exercise known as the 'Goldfish exercise'. The concept of the chi machine came from Shizuo Inoue, a scientist researching the effects of oxygenation in the body. It's premise is that a lack of oxygenation within the body is a primary cause of disease. 

HTE stands for Hsin Ten Enterprise International who, in collaboration with Skylite Industry in Japan, have trademarked the Chi Machine name meaning only HTE sells the original chi machine carrying the original patents. 

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine holds FDA approval as a Class 1 Therapeutic Massager


Chi Machine Canada 

The Chi machine in Canada and being made available here, is the original Chi Machine holding the original patented technology through its historic development and is not an imitation of the original product. 

The Chi Machine is registered in Canada as a therapeutic medical device (License #66598) with all the same benefits as stated for all countries. This item is hugely popular by Canadians and has been sold nationwide. With shipping from a Canadian distributor, you can save on cross border duties and lower shipping costs with easier and cheaper return options. 

Customer Reviews & Feedback

"Dell and I are fine and really liking our new CHI machine.  We can’t wait to get on it in the morning and then do another session just before bed.  We both can report feeling looser through the hips, (we were both so tight and stiff in those joints), sleeping better and it is very relaxing.  I have a little CD player and have it near the yoga matt and play it quietly while on the machine.  I go on for about 15 minutes and Dell seems to like it right around the 12 minute mark."

Betty B., Lethbridge

“No more neck pains and consequently migraines.”

- Marilyn Hafichuk, Lethbridge

“Aching legs instantly relieved after 5 minutes on the Chi.”

- Jonathan Hafichuk, Lethbridge

“My neck and back much better, knees better, much more energy, headaches gone, a sense of well being, sciatica is history... read more.

- Victor Hafichuk, Lethbridge

“I just rely on the Chi totally to keep my back flexible. I also use it for time out relaxation.”
- Frances Evernden, Lethbridge

“ The Chi has relieved my neck pains and headaches and it relaxes me.”
- Blake Evernden, Lethbridge

“I have my old knees back and wouldn't be able to work the way I do if it wasn't for the Chi and Hot House.”
- Ann Wetch, Lethbridge


“My walking is greatly improved.”
- Lionel Roy, Picture Butte

“Relieves pain from arthritis.”
- Arnold Sucher, Lethbridge

“If it wasn't for the Chi, I would lie in bed.”
- Ann Torkel, Lethbridge

“It loosens things up and helped my bad leg with sciatica.” 

- Joe Slovak, Wrentham

“Without using the Chi, I hear every little thing at night and can’t sleep. When I use the Chi, I sleep really well, without fail.”
- Katie Maendel, Lethbridge

We physical therapists have tried with our bare hands for years trying to accomplish in the body what the Chi machine does in five minutes! Thank you so much for introducing me to it!”
- David G., Lethbridge

“I can do a hard day’s work, get on the Chi that night and start fresh the next day. It takes out all the tightness and knots. I would recommend it to anyone doing hard work.”
- Stan Komadowski, Lethbridge

“ My son suffered a terrible truck accident and the Chi has helped him a lot. His one foot is straighter and people notice that his speech has improved. After a hard day’s work on my feet, they were just burning. I got on my Chi for ten minutes and that really put me back on my feet! I have more energy, and since I bought the Chi, I don’t snore as much.”
- Lavelda Krisko, Lethbridge

“I went to my doctor who had to test my blood pressure three times! She couldn’t believe it. It was normal instead of high. The Chi machine did it! I have also had frequent back pains and those no longer trouble me.” “My grandson gets sore knees playing soccer. No more. The Chi takes care of that!”
- Melva Neudorf, Lethbridge

“The Chi has sure helped my lower back problems!”
- Ray Schultz, Lethbridge

“My wife suffers from a stroke. The Chi and Hot House have helped her with the constipation, her hearing, eyes, balance and speech are improved. As well, she has more coordination.”
- Ray Schultz, for Nettie, his wife

“I have better breathing, my wife tells me I don’t snore as much, and my tennis elbow is cleared up by the Hot House, which was not clearing up before that.”
- Tim Arnett, Coalhurst

My blood pressure is down 20 points in 2 weeks. I have more energy; I don’t have as many headaches and not as much sinus pain.”
- Karl Arnett, Coalhurst

“Before the Chi, my blood pressure was 150/90 and now it is down to 130/69. I sleep much better, my oxygen levels are better, I have more energy, and I feel better since the Chi.”
- Barb Arnett

"Bottom line, I sleep; and I like that. The relaxation is great, and the Chi Machine helps relieve pain too. Helps my clients improve and maintain spinal balance. Some no longer need to see me."
- Melba Berg, Swedish massage therapist

"It feels like someone has blown the breath of life into my body and mind. The Chi Machine gives total conditioning; emotional, mental, and physical."
- Dan Thompson, Helena, MT

"The Chi Machine reduced my chiropractic visits and helps keep my spine in alignment. It has given me a general sense of well being and my level of fitness has stayed higher than it normally would by regular use."
- Sarah Bauer, Helena, MT

"Having nerve damage in the very low back, the Chi Machine has made it so I don't have nearly the pain I did before using it. It's easy, no effort exercise, you lay down and let the machine do the work."
- Gwen Rose Francis, Helena, MT

"I intuitively feel the Chi Machine is very beneficial for my health, especially for improving circulation in my spinal cord. Using it over time I feel I now have better body sense and flexibility with less tightness."
- Dr. Tom Bump, Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist

" The Chi Machine aids in elimination and gives me better energy in the morning. It also can adjust spinal blocks and thereby eliminates pain."
- Claudia Burdick, Helena, MT

"I'm sure the Chi Machine helped my back and hip pain considerably. Also helped my knees and has opened up my circulation."
- Don Tintinger, Helena, MT

"I've noticed a phenomenal improvement in my running recovery (6 10 mile sessions) from lactic acid and muscle soreness because of the oxygenation the Chi Machine gives. I expect it will help me maintain a higher level of conditioning without running as much."
- John Engebretson, Butte, MT

"I have not gone back to the chiropractor since I got my Chi Machine. My sciatic nerve used to act up and I had to go twice a month for adjustments. Now fifteen minutes on the Chi takes care of any pain."
- B.J. Davis, Great Falls, MT

"I love that Chi Machine. I can breathe better, sleep better, and my back and hips both feel noticeably better."
- Kate Rudolph, Helena, MT

"The Chi Machine gives me more energy, and my back has never been this good (scoliosis). I love it."
- Tami O’Brien, Helena, MT

"In two sessions with the Chi Machine my lower back adjusted and I felt much better. I have bone spurs and was truly a hurting unit."
- Bob Jolicoeur, Helena, MT

"I find that the Chi Machine helps me have a better night’s sleep and aids in digesting. It provides an easy way to focus and meditate."
- Lisa Botti, Great Falls, MT

"Since using the Chi Machine I have stopped seeing the chiropractor. Also my right hand is no longer numb and tingling."
- Kris Olsen, Helena, MT

"With the Chi Machine I experience improvement every day."
- Howard Walden, Helena, MT (age 96)

"In a word, the Chi Machine is RELAXING."
- Jane Culler, Helena, MT

"I was really amazed at how well my lower back responded to the machine when it hadn’t responded to anything else over a year of chronic pain."
- John Madsen, Helena, MT

"I feel blissful after using the Chi Machine, with terrific energy and wakefulness in meditation. It sure feels good."
- Joan Smith, Helena, MT

 "The Chi Machine helped me get my lower back in place. My husband really likes it, too."

- Betty Clearman Stemple, Pass, MT

"Hi there,

We ordered a Chi Machine from you a few months ago after talking to Martin about it. I thought I should share my experiences with the Chi Machine.

I have been experiencing hip and knee pain for almost 2 years. Going to a chiropractor helped for a week or so, which meant weekly appointments. It was so bad that I had a permanent limp and constant pain, to the point where some nights it was difficult to sleep. I was taking advil like smarties. My neighbor noticed this during a visit and suggested using his Chi Machine. To be honest, I was skeptical but decided to try it. He put me on a 6 minute session. After that 6 minutes, I got up and had zero pain and no limp. I know it sounds inconceivable, but it happened. My wife was just as astonished as I was. Six minutes fixed what the chiropractor could not do in 2 years. It was an easy decision then to buy our own. Since ours has arrived, we have been using it 1 or 2 times a day.

The changes we are experiencing are amazing. I still have no hip pain, bending over is no longer a one way trip. I can kneel down, pick up feed bags, chop wood, walk with our dog in the forest and enjoy life more. I haven't taken an advil for over 2 months, because there is no pain. Other things we have noticed is no heartburn, more energy, way better sleeps and no back pain. My wife has even noticed a reduction in weight and toning in her legs and waist. Even our skin tone has changed, which I believe is due to the increased oxygen in our bodies. We are both up to 12 minutes per session, still once or twice per day and the results just keep coming. Since we can now move better, we feel better which gets us outside more, getting fresh air and more exercise. All this works together to increase health and improve your mood, which circles back to improving your overall health, both physically and emotionally.

Stay Safe and Healthy"

Chad - Edmonton, Alberta


My Chi Machine Testimony

As I begin to write this testimony, I am aware that it may come across as a biased sales pitch. I hate that from myself or from anyone else, and so do you. However, I can’t help but speak and have good reason to do so.I believe the Chi Machine is one of the most wonderful recent mechanical inventions. Why? Because it is designed using fundamental, health-promoting principles that have greatly benefited me and many others I know personally.

First, let me say that its apparent simplicity is deceptive. Don't let it fool you. 

Then a friend first introduced us to the Chi Machine, I thought, "What can this gadget do for anybody, especially me?" I wasn't impressed. But he left it with us for a few days and we began to use it. My aunt immediately took to it and said, "Victor, I like what it does for me!" At first, I found nothing impressive, but after about five or six sessions, I began to experience that tingling in my body that everybody else using the Chi was talking about...that "life force," which is what the Chinese word "chi" means.

But that's not all. My neck was beginning to feel better. When I was fourteen, I had an injury to the vertebrae in my neck, which has given me pain and discomfort ever since (over four decades). Chiropractic treatment has helped me significantly but there was always the need for regular visits. When I began to use the Chi, it wasn't long, maybe about three weeks, before I began to realize that I was feeling better. Not only was the discomfort gone, but I also had a sense of well being I had never experienced before.

The reason I doubted the Chi Machine would help my neck was because the movement originates at the feet. By the time it comes to the neck, I figured there would be little left. I was pleasantly surprised to find otherwise.

Since using the Chi Machine, my aunt hasn't been to a chiropractor, though she had been going regularly. Her two sons rarely go now, though they too had been going frequently.

And that's not all. I found that I was getting energized! Before, I often felt fatigued and would not feel like getting up many mornings. Suddenly, I found myself waking at about 3:30 in the morning, refreshed and ready to go...full of energy! I suppose that can be good or bad, but I prefer energy to fatigue.

And that's not all. One night I found myself breathing with ease through my nose. All my life I had difficulty breathing with my mouth closed (you know how you can wake up with drool pools on your pillow?). A friend, Paul Cohen, called me from Helena coincidentally and told me he had discovered the same thing using the Chi Machine. "My left nostril is clear, Victor," he said. I said, "Same here!" (The last time my nasal passages were like that was in a swimming pool over 30 years ago when my nose somehow cleared...I don't know how.)

And that's not all. I didn't even realize the discomfort in my legs day and night...I had lived with it much of my life. You see, I messed up my right knee badly in a skiing accident in 1971 and my other knee bends too far backward. Physiotherapists told me I needed to learn to stand with the knee slightly forward or I would suffer in later years. I never could learn to do that. But they were right; hence the discomfort in both legs. At night, I would toss and turn, put my legs on a pillow or gather covers between my knees to help. After about three months on the Chi, I realized the discomfort had stopped! I had not realized how much I was suffering, until the pain was gone.

And that's not all. I also suffered from sciatica, and chiropractors did not help. I went for walks to work out the pain. That helped, but not a lot. After three months on the Chi, I had no sciatica.

And that's not all. (Yes, I have been road kill.) I had bursitis in my shoulders...from subluxations in the neck due to my injury, I believe. Chiropractic treatments had helped immensely, however I could not rid myself completely from stiffness and pain. I could not raise my arms straight up or lay them on the floor over my head comfortably. That too changed for me in three months on the Chi Machine.

And that's not all. On occasion, while traveling, I would get constipated and when that happened, it usually lasted two or three days. I have discovered that since I have been using the Chi, I still get constipated but it lasts only a day. Coincidence? It can only be the Chi, because nothing else has changed. Many others are experiencing these same benefits using the Chi Machine.

And that's not all. I sleep better nights. And who wouldn't with all the things the Chi Machine is doing for me?

And that's not all. One morning, after 3 ½ months on the Chi, I awoke and looked at my bedroom closet. I saw disarray, yet I saw, there and then, what I could do about it. That sort of thing had never happened to me before. You see, I have lived with a disorganized mind...ask my wife; ask my friends and those who know me.

I saw all the clanging metal hangers that alarmed me while I silenced them to keep from waking others. I saw that I didn't need them; I removed the spares that were never used; I took clothing that I seldom wore from the center of the closet and shoved it to the side; I took the clothing I used daily and put it in the center. Subconsciously, these things had bugged me all along, but I never had the mind to identify and solve the problem. Suddenly it was all there.

That same morning I had a number of unrelated things on my mind that had come to me in the night and early morning. Nothing unusual about that. What was unusual was that I remembered every one of them so that I could write them all down. Very seldom did this occur. I always found myself troubled and pondering for a few days what it was I had forgotten. This was new!

I also had a great realization by way of a solution to a problem dawn on me then that I won’t specify now (what a morning that was!) Since then, I have been remembering more, thinking more clearly, and enjoying it. I admit, however, I can't honestly say the Chi Machine was wholly responsible, because I have been taking a supplement called "Brain Booster" for a few weeks. Maybe in this matter, the Chi Machine doesn't get all the credit. I suspect it, though, because the brain needs a good oxygen supply and the Chi supplies it.

And here's more. Though the company does not claim the Chi Machine to be a weight loss apparatus, many people have testified to losing weight without dieting since using the Chi Machine. Always fighting to control my weight, I suddenly realized that though it had been steadily climbing, the weight had suddenly leveled off and began to go down. Four pounds in four months. No dieting. The Chi Machine is the only thing to which I can attribute that weight loss; many others testify of similar results.

And that's still not all. I will not advocate replacing exercise with the Chi Machine. That wouldn’t be right at all. But you know, when I don't get out for my one or two mile walks to control weight and get exercise now, I don't feel so guilty if I get on the Chi Machine. I have some mental mercy here. I know I'm losing weight and not gaining; I know I'm getting exercise benefits, including that all important oxygen.

And the benefits keep coming in. In the spring, I worked two days in the yard—mowing by hand about half an acre, raking leaves and wheel barrowing a total of about a yard of gravel in six trips on a slight uphill stretch. At 55, I think most people would appreciate that you don't do that kind of work once a year and not feel it the next day. Right after work that evening, as usual, I went on the Chi Machine. I slept like a baby that night, and the next morning, had no stiffness whatsoever.

I'm not finished. I enjoy the Chi Machine. I look forward to getting on it, unlike an exercise machine. You know why? I do! Two reasons:

  1. I don't have to do the work...the Chi Machine does it. It gives exercise benefits in short order, without the stress and strain.

  2. I get the exhilaration from it that long distance runners, for example, may get after running for some time. But without the work and discomfort! I love it. One lady tells me that when she gets on it for 30 minutes, it is like an "out of body" experience. I haven't gotten there. I'm at about 12 minutes (not that you need more than that. Most use the Chi Machine between 10 and 12 minutes per session).

Why does the Chi Machine do all this? Simple...I think. It was invented by a Japanese doctor, Dr. Shizuo Inoue, after 38 years of research into how oxygen affects the human system. He and his colleagues concluded that lack of oxygen was the cause of most, if not all, illness. We simply do not get enough of it. He designed a precise machine to provide that oxygen, simply, effectively, safely, cheaply, and enjoyably. It stimulates the lymphatic system; it services the immune system; it gives the body the wherewith to deal with any problems it encounters, by itself. That is why anybody and everybody benefits.

I call the Chi Machine and the HotHouse (FIR Dome) (another wonderful invention from the same company) private, portable, preventative and curative HOSPITALS...The enjoyable and effective kind. Truly!

Well, I may not have the dramatic testimony and instant results that many others have had with the Chi Machine like getting a remarkable measure of victory over arthritis, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, varicose veins, asthma, fibromyalgia, respiratory and circulatory problems, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, migraines, stress, the list goes on and on... but how can I complain?

I'd pay much more for this machine. I am thankful that a fellow in Lethbridge was crippled up enough to try the Chi Machine, discover its benefits in a matter of days, then share it with others who in turn shared it with us.

The Chi Machine helps my wife and my son. It helps all those I know who use it (especially the aged and infirm) when they use it regularly...even when they don't. I can't help but talk about it. I haven't been as excited about a product on the market for a long time. And testimonies from so many others keep coming in.

Others promise more than they deliver. It's the opposite with the Chi Machine. It delivers more than it promises. That's okay by me. I would expect the same for you.

And one more thing. Yes, we sell these now...in a manner of speaking. I get so excited about these machines that I have to talk...and the Chi sells itself when people only get a chance to try it for themselves. You too will find the Chi paying off both health wise and financially. There aren't many people today who don't need some extra money...and there are few ways more enjoyable and rewarding than by helping others recover and maintain health.

Victor Hafichuk

Addendum to My Chi Machine Testimony
(In other words, "And That's Not All")

August 28, 2001

After a few more months of using the Chi Machine, I must report yet other very significant improvements to my health on this day, 28 August, 2001. For the past five years or so, I have had a pain in the groin, deep in the crease where leg meets abdomen. It would come and go, and I never did determine the cause of its recurrence nor its withdrawal. Today, I suddenly realized that it is gone. The only difference in my life that I know of is the Chi Machine. I suppose things pass with age, but these kinds of things are known to get worse, not better, let alone disappear.

My father had poor circulation in his feet. In my teen years, I experienced the same. I was told I had inherited the problem from my father. About six to eight weeks ago, I began to experience, in the night only, a pleasant itch in the balls of my feet, at the base of the toes. I knew something good was happening. I believe the circulation in my feet, after nearly half a century, is improved.

There's more. I know of people who, in their old age, after only two weeks on the Chi Machine, experienced a visible reduction in the size of their varicose veins, as well as great relief from discomfort and pain. I have had varicose veins for many years. Though they never bothered me, mine did not reduce in size, until about two months ago...after six months of using the Chi. So what if it took a bit longer? It's wonderful that it happened.

And that's still not all...there's better yet! About seven or eight years ago, I suddenly began to experience incontinence (put another way I had to have a bathroom nearby or twenty minutes from the time I had to go, I'd pee my pants). That problem was with me...until recently. I realized it was gone when we took a road trip to a convention in Las Vegas. At one point in the trip I had to go slightly. I left it and we kept driving. We passed rest area and town after rest area and town until, about 200 miles and over three hours later, we finally pulled over! I don't think that many people can do that. I don't recall ever being able to do that. But I did it this time. No more incontinence. And we were drinking our water all the way too. The only difference in lifestyle, aside from the fact that I haven't been getting my exercise, is the Chi. I have to state that in the last five years, we have been eating much more organic. That would make a difference too, and quite honestly, may be the prime cause of the correction. But I think the Chi Machine gets at least partial credit. I must insert here that God has done wonderful things for me recently, and to Him belongs all glory and credit, one way or another.

I'm not finished! In previous years, I would get off the lawn tractor after only about 60 to 80 minutes of mowing, finding myself stiff and needing to take a minute or two to recuperate. On the trip I just told you about, we drove 1200 miles there and 1200 back. We drove some long stretches at a time, and never once did I get out of the car stiff in the least. It seemed like I had been sitting or driving for only five or ten minutes. Perhaps this may be hard for some to believe. It was hard for even me to believe; I can only tell you my experience. You'll have to decide for yourself.

And there's more! Not only have I had wonderful experiences physically, but mentally. Because of the Chi Machine, I find myself more comfortable and with more confidence socially. While chiropractic adjustments greatly helped to relieve the anxiety, fear and depression caused by my neck injury, the Chi Machine helped even more. I am so very thankful to God for having provided.

My Chi Machine testimony was written in 2001. An update for the record:

As of May 2006, I have had no sciatica problems since 2001, and my neck is much better. My aunt (Lois) has not been to a chiropractor ever since she began using the Chi Machine. We all continue to use the HTE machines (Chi Machine, HotHouse, Electro Reflex Energizer) with great satisfaction and comfort.

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