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The Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer


The Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer

The Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE) is not just another foot and leg massager. Developed by HTE, the manufacturer of the Chi Machine, this therapeutic device uses low frequency impulses to stimulate reflexes in the feet and hands.

Reflexology is a form of therapy based on the scientific principle that these reflex areas correspond to all the glands, organs, systems, and parts of the body. The whole body can be affected positively by reflexology treatments, clearing energy pathways and creating a greater sense of wellbeing.

The benefits of reflexology include, but are not limited to, relieving stress and tension, improving blood supply and promoting the unblocking of nerve impulses, which in turn alleviates pain and allows the body to achieve homeostasis naturally. Being in homeostasis means it is far easier for the body to heal and remain in good health.

By stimulating acupressure points in the soles of the feet (or palms of the hands,) the Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer provides relief from pain, tension, soreness, and muscle spasms. There are three different modes that stimulate key reflex points, which promote the circulation of blood while loosening tense muscles, thereby releasing foot soreness, sciatic pain, swelling, aches, stiffness, and even arthritic hip pain. 

Mode 1 aids in toxin removal.  It targets muscles in the bottom central region of the feet and inner calf muscles. 

Mode 2 is for relaxing and healing.  It stimulates muscles on top of the feet, in the outer calves and in the ankles.   

Mode 3 is for massaging and healing.  It sends a pattern of impulses combining tapping, "pins and needles" (pleasantly so), and squeezing (like stretching after exercise) to fully relax the muscles upon completion of the therapy.

The Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer allows you to enjoy the benefits of reflexology at home, in the office, almost anywhere, anytime. Most people find it very pleasurable to use, and with the convenience and ease of use, it gets used a lot!


• Quickly soothes and refreshes stressful aches and pains with its penetrating massage action
• Eases tension, improves local blood circulation, and reduces fatigue
• Helps to relax tight muscles before and after running, walking, or any other exercise routine
• Particularly helpful in cases of carpal tunnel and repetitive stress injury because the hands can be placed on the footpads to relieve strain in the wrists, arms, and shoulders
• Assists in weight loss

Wonderful to use during the day for those on their feet a lot–a fresh start midday!


• Three modes for stimulation – Pounding, Relaxing, Massaging, and one mode, Auto, which circulates through all three
• Remote control for ease of operation allowing you to set the mode of treatment, the massage intensity, and the duration
• Easy to use timer which can be set from 5-60 minutes
• Electro-pads pinpoint and stimulate areas such as back, neck, or shoulders—three sets of replaceable electro-pads are included
• Can use electro-pads and foot massage at the same time
• Heated foot pads to keep feet warm and soothed by heat stimulation
• Lightweight and portable for home, office, or travel 

We often have Mix & Match offers and/or FREE SHIPPING with the Chi Machine, HotHouse (Far Infrared Dome) and Advanced ERE (Electro Reflex Energizer), so please call before you order.

Customer Reviews

Our Electro Reflex Energizer Experiences

Victor: I recall the first time I used the Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE) one evening. My legs felt wonderful, almost like new. They felt like they were hollow, or light and feathery. I thought the relaxed and comfortable feeling would disappear in minutes. It didn't. That night, I did not toss and turn from "restless legs" or from discomfort. I awoke in the morning and my legs were still just fine. My aunt Lois said it best: "Victor, I forgot what it was like to get out of bed in the morning as a little girl...no pain or stiffness of any kind." She was about 58 when first trying the ERE.

Lois, Marilyn (my wife) and I use it nearly every day and would not want to be without it. Just think: a reflexology treatment can cost anywhere from $30 to $60, not to mention the inconvenience. With an ERE (Electro Reflex Energizer), you and your family can have a treatment for pennies a day, every day. Besides, it isn't only for the feet. It comes with two pads that can be placed elsewhere on the body, like on the legs, arms, hips, or shoulders. A well known and effective health practitioner, Phyllis Bates, says it is excellent for neuropathy problems. It certainly has been good for us.

Ingrid: About 9 years ago, I had chemotherapy. As a result of the multiple injections involved in the treatment, the veins and tendons in my hands and my forearms would often hurt. Two years ago, the pain became so bad that I had trouble carrying even a single plate. I started to use the Reflex Energizer for 15 minutes per day on my hands, and after only 3 days, the pain was gone and has not returned.

Marilyn: When I was a teenager, I injured my neck. As a result, with all the lifting required working in the store, I would get severe headaches. After regular use of the Chi Machine, I experienced much relief from the headaches but was not totally free of them.

One evening, while waiting for supper I decided to use the ERE. At first I didn’t realize it, but the headache I had developed during the day was gone after using the ERE for half an hour.

A few days later, I woke up with a headache from sleeping the wrong way. I couldn’t bear to go through the whole day with the pain and remembered my previous experience with the ERE. Again I did a half hour treatment, sat and relaxed a few minutes, and the headache was gone. With the Chi Machine and the ERE, my headaches are almost nonexistent. The work hasn’t gone away, but these machines certainly have helped me to keep going.

Sara: In the last couple of years, I began to develop some carpal tunnel in my wrists from long hours of computer work. About 5 months ago, the pain became constant and quite bothersome. I began to use the ERE on my hands, for about 10-20 minutes at a time, starting out on mode 1 and finishing up on mode 3. After three or four days of taking these treatments in the morning, the pain cleared up completely. Now, whenever my wrists start to feel tight again, I get out the ERE and I find pain relief that can last for weeks, if not months, on end, from a single treatment.

Paul: I admit it; I use the ERE because it feels good.

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