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Grande SOQI Bed


If you have experienced the relaxing yet energizing massage of the Chi Machine or the soothing, healing warmth of the HotHouse, then multiply that by three and add one! The SOQI Bed uses a multi-faceted approach to healing with 3 HotHouses providing thermal energy, a Chi Machine providing motion energy, and a built-in sound system to enhance relaxation.  It’s the Ultimate Total Health Spa built into a specially designed massage table. 

The word ‘SOQI’ (pronounced so-key) is a combination of the words ‘solar’ and ‘qi,’ the oriental term for life-force energy.  The far infrared heat produced by the HotHouses is the same healing energy produced by the sun.  The Chi Machine helps to boost our body’s ‘qi’ or ‘chi’ energy through its gentle swaying motion.

The Grande SOQI Bed is the culmination of 10 years of developmental research in addition to the 38 years that Dr. Inoue spent testing and developing the Chi Machine. 

A few applications:

Home Spa – Create your own personal health spa to keep in shape, maintain weight, detoxify, and promote healing and immunity.

Holistic Treatment – The SOQI Bed is a complete natural therapy package perfect for every family or natural health practitioner.  Combined with proper nutrition from organic, whole foods and pure, revitalized water, this device can be beneficial in promoting healing in a variety of conditions. 

Health Spa/Fitness Clubs – Far infrared (FIR) induces hyperthermia, a gentle, therapeutic elevating of local body temperature which increases circulation thereby promoting healing and detoxification.  The oxygenating vitality of the Chi Machine helps align the spine, relax the autonomic nervous system, and remove lactic acid from overexertion.

The Grande SOQI Bed designed to also accommodate larger persons is simple to use, enjoyable, and super effective - a welcome addition to any holistic healing approach. 

Experience the benefits, convenience, and comfort of a professional health spa in your own home.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

 "SOQI Bed and Chi Machine!

The SOQI Bed has truly helped me with my cancer treatments, and I am proud to say I am now cancer free.

I highly recommend this machine for it also helped me with a skin problem I was dealing with and to my surprise it has lessened my arthritis pain.

It also is the best cure for a good relaxing time well spent, and the feel of the warmth of the heat radiates right through your entire body.

I highly recommend the SOQI Bed, Hot House and Chi Machine. It is money well spent. Good health is so important. My only regret is I wish I would have known about them sooner."

- Johanna Hribar


“Using the SOQI bed has given me increased peace of mind.  I have been sleeping much better, too.  I am able to think more clearly and feel much more peaceful and rested.  I feel great after the ‘chi rush’ and have a calm about me that I have never experienced before.  I highly recommend the chi equipment for everyone.” 

- Aaron Sadler, Vancouver, BC

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