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Go Berkey Kit


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The Go Berkey Kit


Storage Capacity
1 Quart
(.95 Liter)
(35.56 cm)
(10.16) cm
2.4 pounds
(1.09 kg)
1 Gallon per hour* 
(3.8 Liters)


The Go Berkey® Kit is designed as a light backpacking water filter, hiking water filter, camping water filter, suitable for work, school, and world travel. The generic Sport Berkey® is a portable Berkey water bottle with in-built filter, perfect for when you are out on the hiking trail, and the Go Berkey® system works great for passive purification back at the campsite, lodge, etc. The generic Sport Berkey® portable water filter bottle can also be used to prime the Black Berkey® Purification Element when water pressure isn't available.

As with all Berkey® water purification systems, the Go Berkey® Kit is a must during unexpected emergencies. 

**Not available for sale in California or Iowa.

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