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What About Water Alkalinity?

Why We Do Not Promote Water Ionizers or Kangen Water

Blood pHWith the explosion of water alkalinizers/ ionizers on the market, and the many claims of their health benefits, we are often asked why we don't sell alkaline water machines.

Our answer: There is a solution for truly health-giving water, and artificially making water alkaline is not it. The best water is not determined by its pH; it is about whether or not it is essentially natural, pure and alive. 

The impetus for alkaline water has come with the knowledge that an alkaline diet has a positive impact on health. The standard North American nonorganic diet creates acidic stress in the body; therefore it is believed that alkaline water will help balance the internal pH. This is not true; it is actually impossible to adjust the body's pH.

Other problems exist with water ionizers. How do you decide what pH to make your water, whether you should drink it straight or diluted, and for how long you should drink it? There is the potential for harm if you don’t get the pH just right. How do you understand and safely manage these complexities?

Water ionizers also create free, unbound metal ions. These are not found in any natural foods or healthy drinking water and can be dangerous. The metal ions of calcium created by water ionizers damage arterial walls, increasing the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Incidents of stroke and heart attack have been reported after consistent use of water ionizers for drinking water.

Drinking alkaline water such as Kangen is an out-of-balance answer to an out-of-balance situation created by eating conventional, refined foods containing excessive free radicals, and drinking lifeless water.

The long term answer to any health issue is to eat wholesome organic food grown or raised without pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or growth hormones. Add to this water free of contaminants and full of natural vitality. You can simply and cost effectively filter and revitalize your water with a household filtration system and Grander Water Revitalization.

We acknowledge that alkalinized water has certainly helped many people with a variety of health conditions. However, as expected, it is now coming to our attention that there are alkalinized water users experiencing a lack of energy due to over-consumption, confirming our suspicions based on principles of general health.

We are not here to promote stopgap measures, but to bring real and lasting solutions.  You can make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle which will contribute to a strong, stable foundation, yielding the desirable health benefits.

For a doctor’s point of view, read If You Fall for This "Water Fad" - You Could Do Some Major Damage on Mercola.com.

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