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What About Bottled Water or Brita Filters?

Bottled Water

If you think bottled water is the way to go, perhaps you are not aware of the many drawbacks and expenses compared to having an easily installed and maintained home filter. Here are some of the hidden dangers and costs of bottled water:

- Up to 40% of bottled water is actually tap water that may or may not have received additional treatment and filtering.

- Bottled water can contain chlorine and fluoride.

- A 4-year study released by the Natural Resources Defense Council found 1/3 of the water bottles tested contained chemicals and bacteria.

- The typical plastic used for bottled water is polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This material potentially leaches antimony and other toxic chemicals into the water (especially in the case of reverse osmosis, which makes the water more reactive).

- Bottled water is expensive - if you apply the costs of bottled water toward the purchase of a filtration system, it will pay for itself in only 8-14 months.

The Environmental Protection Agency regulates public water supplies, but has no authority over bottled water. For example, there are no specific requirements regarding proximity of bottled water sources to industrial facilities or waste dumps.

In addition to all the personal considerations, there is a huge strain placed on the environment to produce and distribute bottled water around the world -- an estimated 50 billion plastic bottles each year!

Why support something so damaging, so expensive, and so potentially risky, when a simple, satisfying, superior alternative is at your fingertips with Harvest Haven water filtration systems? ("Is Bottled Water Really Pure?" -Mercola.com)


Brita Filters

Many purchase mass-marketed filters from popular retail outlets, expecting them to adequately address their water needs.

While they may remove some chlorine and contaminants, these filters cannot address the many complex needs of water in order to promote good health and hydration. 

These units are always more expensive in the long run because of the disposable nature of the replacement filters. And don’t forget the harm done to the environment by millions of spent filters going to the landfill.

Furthermore, many of these filtration systems do not have anti-microbial properties. They can become a source of contamination, a breeding ground for bacteria. The systems at Harvest Haven contain zinc and copper in the filtration media to prevent microbial contamination.

These are better, more effective solutions that save your money and health.

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