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This is a series of videos about some of our products, projects and customers.

At Harvest Haven we want to share a better way of providing the essentials of life. Through our videos we are showing our learning experiences and knowledge. Please enjoy this behind the scenes look at Harvest Haven.

The Magnetico Sleep Pad

Martin Vanpopta, our farm manager, loves his Magnetico Sleep Pad and explains why it is so beneficial. Healing while you sleep - how good is that?!


NHL player Rob Klinkhammer Talks About Organic Food

Rob Klinkhammer plays professional Hockey for the Phoenix Coyotes. During his time off he lives in Lethbridge, Alberta and we are privileged to have him shop at our store. Here is what he has to say about organic food and Harvest Haven.


Planting Shiitake Mushrooms in Dead Logs

This is a trial to grow Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms in Southern Alberta using local wood.

Clean logs are harvested at their optimum sugar content. They must be free of wild fungus and have minimal bark damage. Holes the size of the birch wood mushroom plugs are drilled into the logs. The plugs, already inoculated with mushroom mycelium, are pounded into the holes and sealed with bees wax to keep out competitive wild fungi. These logs are kept damp and then wrapped for protection from the cold over the winter.

The following summer, when sufficient colonization occurs on the logs, they will be submerged into cold water to stimulate the growth of the fungi mycelium into mushrooms.

See http://www.fungi.com/shop/grow-mushrooms-on-logs-and-stumps.html  for more detailed information.


Videos by Symbol Syndication: Lethbridge Video Production - www.symbolsyndication.com

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