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SCENAR Technology

This technology was developed by the Russian Space Program for cosmonauts as a “universal medical assistant.” It has also been used in Russia for more than 30 years.

SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator) devices non-invasively promote rapid healing by regulating unbalanced body systems. They eliminate physiological stress and stimulate natural, health-improving reactions, to promote self-recovery of the body. 
SCENAR’s abilities are endless; its benefits are many, and so are the people it has helped, often in dramatic ways, from pain relief to healing of chronic illnesses.

You can have all this in the palm of your hand at your convenience!

How It Works: A SCENAR device reads information on the skin and uses an adaptive biofeedback energy loop to interact with the body. By means of electrical signals, it talks to the body in the body’s own language. The person’s natural healing system, coached by the device, accomplishes the treatment, creating the best therapeutic benefit in the quickest way possible.

The SCENAR device does not affect a normally functioning organism. Therefore, it does not have an undesired impact on the body, but stimulates the healing process only when needed. The healing action continues long after the treatment.


COSMODIC Technology

COSMODIC Technology differs from SCENAR Technology in that it talks and listens to your body on 46 channels instead of one. This allows the COSMODIC device to stimulate healing on a deeper level, leading to remarkable results. It is excellent for the regeneration of tissue in cases of injury and chronic health problems.

One of the first applications for COSMODIC Technology took place in a Russian hospital. The patient had been in an industrial accident, which left her scalp detached. Skin grafting was not likely to be successful. The doctor tried using a SCENAR device to enhance the probability of success, but the patient’s scalp deteriorated, promising grim results.

Fortunately, the surgeon had just received a prototype of the new COSMODIC device, and used it on the skin graft. Within a remarkably short period of time, the scalp began to heal, so much so that even the hair follicles regenerated, unheard of in this type of injury. Similar results have been reported by other practitioners using COSMODIC Technology.

The inventor, Alexander Karasev, treated a client with a bad case of ulcerative stomach disease. The stomach lining was covered with scars and fresh ulcers. After treatments with various models of SCENAR, fresh ulcers rapidly healed with mild scarring. The client recovered – until the next relapse, when new ulcers formed. This time he was treated with a prototype of the EX735Ag, using the COSMODIC mode. All the ulcers healed with NO scarring. After several courses of treatment, the stomach lining completely regenerated.



Each technology is useful in different situations - sometimes it is beneficial to use both together.

SCENAR technology addresses the problems for which one desires immediate results. COSMODIC technology follows the body’s subtle cues to deeper issues.

SCENAR gives the body a more forceful push to jumpstart the healing process, whereas the COSMODIC gives the body a “healing hug.”

These technologies present exciting potential, addressing problems at their root with no harmful side effects, all by using the body’s inherent God-given abilities.

Every home should have SCENAR/COSMODIC technology for prevention and cure.

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