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Q ENERGYspa vs. Aqua Chi Tomato Test

The Q ENERGYspa is the original footbath and water spa on which devices such as the Aqua Chi, Ion Cleanse, and other imitators are based. The intended purpose of the original invention is to increase available energy in the form necessary for the body to achieve better balancing and healing. It is not for detoxification through the feet or skin, as so many devices purport to be.

In this climate of muddied waters, both literally and symbolically, I hoped that a simple experiment could show whether there is, in reality, the life-enhancing effect the inventor intended with the Q ENERGYspa, and if his imitators, in this case the Aqua Chi, were achieving the same effect.

With this goal in mind, on September 13, 2007, I met at the office of a local health practitioner in Helena to test our Q ENERGYspa and her Aqua Chi, using two sets of tomatoes, one conventionally grown and the other organic, all store bought, of similar ripeness and size (“conventionally grown” means grown with the use of artificial fertilizers, chemical pesticides and herbicides, as opposed to “organic,” which prohibits the use of these and, depending on the standards applied, uses more holistic methods of soil management).

We treated one tomato of each kind (conventional and organic) on the respective machines in identical quantities of water from the same source, for the standard treatment session of 35 minutes. A control tomato of each kind was placed in a different container of water for the same amount of time. We took certain precautions, such as adequate separation of test units, to ensure the results would be untainted. I then took the tomatoes home and put them in a place where they would remain undisturbed for the duration of the test, taking pictures at intervals to record deterioration.

Here are the visual results after 65 days


Conventional Aqua Chi:

The inside was all blackened, interspersed with some white specks and areas of mold.


Conventional Control:

Spores puffed out as I cut the tomato in half. This one was full of mold with some blackened parts.


Conventional Q ENERGYspa:

The inside was uniformly black and spongy, like a mushroom. There was no mold and seeds were clearly visible, unlike the others.


Organic Aqua Chi:

The core was hard and blackened, with the surrounding area putrefying.


Organic Control:

Small amount of mold on the exterior stem area, easily excised. The interior shows signs of losing firmness and fulness, but it is, otherwise, still fresh and usable. It goes into tomato sauce.


Organic Q ENERGYspa:

The exterior blemished area has no mold, and shows no influence on the interior pristine condition, which is plump and beautiful. Into the sauce it goes!



The results confirmed something we have firmly believed because we have so much personal evidence proving it:the very first thing one should do is eat organically as much as possible. Without question the organic control tomato fared much better than the conventional control in this test, showing that, without any other influence, organic is superior in life force to conventionally grown produce.

While all three conventional tomatoes deteriorated, the manner in which they deteriorated and the end results leave us with an interesting thought. It appears that the Q ENERGYspa treatment, while not adequate to forestall the collapse of the conventional tomato, provided energy sufficient to be used in the preservation of its seed. The purpose of fruit is to provide a means of propagating the plant, and, in this sense, the Q ENERGYspa was successful, because it appears to have best preserved the seed of all three conventional tomatoes. Of these tomatoes, only the one treated by the Q ENERGYspa had healthy appearing seeds and no mold. Were I to duplicate this experiment, I would spend more time evaluating this aspect.

An effective health device like the Q ENERGYspa will not perform a miracle beyond the laws of nature. It will assist the natural health processes, which are geared to maintain life. If one is lacking essential nutrients and struggling with the impact of toxic chemicals (such as from products farmed conventionally), the living systems become weaker and more vulnerable. The first order of business is to restore what is naturally needed and supportive of life.

The organic tomato, having more nutrients and less stress from an absence of toxic chemicals, was able to utilize the energy from the Q ENERGYspa to maintain a healthier condition. What this means is that effective therapies or treatments will enable superior health all the more so if you are doing the right things for your health in the first place, supplying your body with what it needs and not stressing it with what it doesn't. Otherwise, though you can get benefits, sooner or later the laws of nature and physical realities will catch up with you.

Compared to the organic tomato, the conventional tomato treated with the Q ENERGYspa fared far worse over the two months. It was not even close to usable, whereas the organic tomato treated with the Q ENERGYspawas beautiful inside. So the natural question I pose is, “Would you rather your body was like the conventional tomato or the organic tomato?”

We are not saying that  the Q ENERGYspa or other health devices can't help you if you aren't in shape, but the overall lesson is that one shouldn't just depend on doing a therapy if the rest of the time you are trashing, or are not taking good care of, yourself. The body needs all the basics and from this test, the organically grown tomatoes had more of these.

As for why the organic Aqua Chi tomato rotted while the control did not, it is our thought, based on other observations with people using these devices, that imitation machines cause the body, or tomato in this case, to dump valuable minerals, particularly calcium. Calcium is needed to retain vitality and favorable storage properties in fruits and vegetables, not to mention being important in human health.

We had one woman using another device, the Bio-Cleanse (formerly Ion Cleanse), who had the sudden appearance of varicose veins after using it. Upon calling the company, they told her to stay off the machine for six months and to beef up her mineral intake.

Let it be known that the Q ENERGYspa does not demonstrate this harmful effect on the body, but rather shows an enhancement of health and vitality.

Paul Cohen

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