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Natural, Wholesome Salts

In salt shakers and foods all around North America, there is an imposter going by the name of “salt,” refined beyond recognition, silently killing those who consume it. On the other hand there is the natural and authentic article, unrefined and unprocessed. Yes, we too were victims of that highly processed white death called “salt,” until introduced to RealSalt in 1996, and later to Nature’s Cargo of Canada’s Sea Salt, from the pristine coastal areas of Central America. Both are unprocessed, unrefined whole salts.


What a difference! Using genuine salt makes your food taste better, and you feel better, too. It is a wonderfully balanced mixture of essential minerals in the correct proportion that closely resembles our body's own chemical make-up. At the same time, you will enjoy the improvement of flavour and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are doing yourself good. How good is that?!

Some Interesting Facts about Salt

Did you know that whole salt is the most complex mineral element on the planet? Did you know that salt is found in 85% of the earth? Does that tell you something? To me, it means that salt was provided in abundance, because it is so vital to our lives.

The Bible says, quoting the Lord Jesus Christ, that “salt is good.” Yet, many “experts” and “professionals” would have us believe that the less salt we consume the better. Not so. I believe God. Of course, if the experts are referring to ordinary table salt, they are right. Jesus was not referring to the cheap counterfeit - He was referring to the real thing, and so are we.

Don’t be fooled by the term “sea salt.” Salt coming from the sea means no more than flour coming from the farm. There is processed flour that is poison, and organic flour that is wholesome and nutritious. The questions are: “Where in the sea does the salt come from? How is it extracted? Is it refined?”

Natural salt provides a vital connection with the forces and elements of nature.

For more information (and there is SO much more), ask us.

Good reading on salt: Seasalt’s Hidden Powersby Jacques de Langre, Ph.D.

Note: While RealSalt is mined on land from an ancient sea bed, and may not have the same quality as newly harvested sea salt such as Nature’s Cargo, it is nevertheless very good, and is by far preferable to what is commonly used.

Victor Hafichuk


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