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Moroccan Lamb Stew with Couscous


2 tbsp olive oil
2 lb Harvest Haven lamb stew
2 Harvest Haven onions, halved and sliced
5 Harvest Haven garlic cloves, crushed
Thumb-sized piece ginger, peeled and grated or finely chopped
1 tbsp ground cumin
1 tbsp ground coriander
1 tsp ground cinnamon
Pinch saffron (or turmeric, to add colour)
1 tbsp tomato purée
600ml hot Harvest Haven lamb bone broth
1 tbsp honey
1 lemon, zested, plus a squeeze of juice
80g pitted Kalamata olives
Handful chopped parsley
Inari organic couscous, to serve

Set the slow cooker to low. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan and brown the lamb in batches, transferring to the slow cooker as you go. Add the remaining oil and the onions to the pan and cook for 8-10 mins until softened. Tip in the garlic and ginger and stir for 1-2 mins, then add the spices, and tomato purée. Warm through, then tip into the slow cooker. Swirl some water around the pan, then pour into the slow cooker along with the stock. Season, cover and cook for 6-8 hrs.

Once the meat is really tender, turn the heat up to high. Add the honey, lemon and olives and cook for 20-30 mins. Top with the parsley and serve with couscous.

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