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Our Eggs

Harvest Haven chickens start their day with a burst of enthusiasm the moment the door opens on the hen house. Prepared for them is a feast of their favorite freshly picked greens in season, organic feed mixed on the farm and Grander Living Water. Occasionally, they even get fresh cow's milk.

Every day is a new adventure out in the sunshine and fresh air, busily scratching around in the dirt, as chickens should.

Around 11 o'clock in the morning, the hens begin their daily routine of laying eggs. Because roosters run with the hens, the eggs are fertilized, which some say is healthier for us. (It is certainly healthier for the hens as roosters watch for and warn of predators!)  

Harvest Haven eggs are good not only because of what goes into the chickens, but also because of what does not. Our chickens are raised without any vaccinations, antibiotics or hormones.

Eggs are gathered, then graded and candled in our on farm, government-inspected grading station. We take care that only the highest quality eggs are packaged for our customers.

Small             $5.00/dozen

Medium        $5.75/dozen

Large             $6.50/dozen

Extra Large  $7.25/dozen

Jumbo           $7.75/dozen


Customer Feedback

“The produce and meat I’ve received from Harvest Haven Market Farm is the best food I’ve ever eaten. I didn’t think I was a strawberry fan, but I certainly am now! The strawberries are sweet, juicy, delicious, addictive, and everyone that comes to my house to sample them becomes customers of Harvest Haven Market Farm. The eggs are so yummy, and the yolks are dark yellow. They are an incredible change from the pale yellow tasteless eggs you can get elsewhere. I’ve only had compliments when I serve them.”
- Judy Budd, Aerus Electrolux


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