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Peaceful Refuge

“Over the last 25 years, we have tried many health food supplements, products, devices, etc., read many health magazines, considered numerous health advisors, subscribed to several health reports, and followed those things that looked and sounded promising to us. Some of these things have helped us in ways that are not really measurable. Others may be helping us over the long haul but concrete results can't be detected.

Since we have discovered the peaceful refuge of Harvest Haven, started eating truly organic food, begun using Grander Living Water, we have not only "felt" better, we have measurable results.

Our last eye exam showed improved eyesight and we both needed less correction in our prescriptions.

Every 8 weeks, Barbara gets a blood test for liver enzymes (and a few other things), because of a medication she takes for Parkinson's Disease. This regular test showed improvement in her enzymes as well an increase in red and white blood cell counts immediately following the installation of our Grander water unit. This improvement has continued.

Our cravings for sugar and carbs have been eliminated, enabling us to lose weight. Carl has lost 20 pounds and Barbara, 10.

Because of Grander Living Water, consumption of soap has been dramatically reduced in our household and fabric softener completely eliminated.

Along with filters for chlorine and flouride, Grander Living Water has improved the condition of our skin and drastically reduced the need for lotions and creams. Our hot water tank has apparently been cleaned inside, because our hot water has gotten hotter and we have been able to turn down the temperature.

We have been sleeping on a Magnetico mattress since 2002 and notice improved sleeping and much quicker muscle recovery after exercise. We have been exercising regularly for a long time, but have recently noticed that we have more energy for both work and play. 

We are very happy to have come to Harvest Haven and have received genuine and friendly concern from everyone. We have quit going to the grocery stores except for some paper products and our total food costs have actually gone down. This is partly due to Barbara's retirement from teaching and having more time for food processing at home. …”
- Carl & Barbara Bogda, Taber, Alberta


"I like coming out here because I don't have to make decisions. I trust what you have and that you have done that (the research) for me."
- Cheryl S.

“I can really taste the difference in the quality of food (flavour). My girls and I have enjoyed the health benefits of switching our food to organic. I could never go back. I really enjoy coming here once a week. I also appreciate the integrity of the way things are run at Harvest Haven.” 
- Renae Peterson

“This is so much nicer than to go into a store in town. Not to mention the friendly service that goes with it.”
- Carol Bruder

“Everything is very good at Harvest Haven. We will always be shopping there.”
- Val and Flora Matteoti

“For our family, the Harvest Haven produce and groceries represent the only assurance of healthy bodies. This is now even more important since so many produce items from other countries have brought illness to Canada – even when marked organic. It is interesting how lovingly one stores food at home after each shopping journey to this store. There must be no waste when food is known to be good. Visits to the store are also pure delight. Wholesomeness is in the very air!
- Chris Cavers

“I don't remember how I found out about Harvest Haven; I think it was at the Farmer's Market. I drove around for about twenty minutes between Lethbridge and Coaldale. Being a typical guy I didn't have any directions but I got lucky coming upon the Harvest Haven sign and found it soon enough. Upon entering the store I was greeted by two friendly staff members who were very helpful showing me all the different foods that were available to me and also explained the health benefits of eating organic foods. After visiting the store a few more times I realized that Harvest Haven has practically everything I need. I would highly recommend everyone shop at Harvest Haven.
- James Sorochan

“Harvest Haven has the best tasting fruits and vegetables. Not only that, they are more than just organic food.They have everything you need for healthy living. The service is very friendly, too. I always enjoy the pleasant atmosphere at the farm.” 
- Peggy V.

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