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Back to Basics

WhyTo begin with, all of us at Harvest Haven were in darkness, completely. We were void of very life itself. We thought we knew how to live. Plainly, we did not. Who knew we needed to learn how to live?

God took hold of us, each in his and her turn, stripped us of the old, and gave us the new. He began to reveal Himself, His will, His life. The Bible says, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge...." The Light began to shine, and we began to learn how to live.

One day, several years before the farm, the Lord gave notice that He was taking us "back to basics." I had no idea what that meant or would entail. I was thinking in spiritual terms, if thinking at all, and did not suspect things of this physical world would be involved.

In 1995, He led us to buy the farm and name it Harvest Haven. A new realm of learning began, much through the needful and valuable suffering of failure, disappointment and loss. However, God was and has been with us to this very day. The trials continue, but things have turned, and we are now victorious in Him, and thankful to Him for His abundant mercies and blessings.

We see on every side a troubled, pained, and confused world. People are searching desperately for answers, or resign themselves to the notion there are very few, if any, true answers to be had, although multitudes clamouring for attention claim to have them. We have worked at simplifying life, at addressing the complexity of decision-making. It may be hard to believe, but there are indeed simple solutions in this complex world.

RainbowThat is what Harvest Haven is all about. We have been given answers, simple solutions for life's problems and challenges, and we are here to share those answers with those whom God has ordained to receive them. (Harvest Haven Vision)

"Back to basics" means food for both body and soul. We were created to eat wholesome, naturally grown, whole foods, properly prepared for nutritious and enjoyable eating. Harvest Haven has that.

Our bodies need good water to cleanse us within and without, to hydrate us properly and deliver nutrients where needed. Harvest Haven offers that to you.

Genuinely practical and effective health equipment is needed to compensate for an environment which is poisoned and depleted of essential elements such as oxygen and healthy magnetism. We offer these.

We need powerfully effective and naturally balanced supplements, immune boosters, antioxidants and anti-pathogens. Harvest Haven has these.

We need body care and household products that heal, not harm, us and our environment. Harvest Haven has those.

Whatever God has provided as good and necessary for our bodies, we have, and stand ready to offer to you.

For the soul, the ringing cry of God, by the Scriptures and by His people, is "Repent! Repent of breaking His laws! Repent of doing evil to your neighbor or stranger! Return to your Maker Who loves you and Who gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, for you."

We all owe Him, big time. We are His, and not our own. So let us not deceive ourselves into thinking we have the right to do as we please. We do not. This we know, and have staked our lives on that knowledge. Knowing this, and being granted the grace to embrace it, we are blessed. All the good food, water, air, money, health equipment and friends in the world will not suffice if we are not right with our Maker.

Nevertheless, there is a time and place for every soul. We stand ready to provide and minister in all things, be it physical or spiritual, as the Lord wills. We are not here to preach or to convert, except where it is given us to do so. We are here to serve God and man as called by Him to do so. If all you need is a bottle of Wild Oil of Oregano, and are interested in nothing else, so be it. We have it; we make it available to you, and require nothing more. If you are interested in more, or in everything, we are here to provide, as God grants the grace.

That is what we at Harvest Haven are all about. Some will be okay with this declaration; some will not. That is okay with us. We don't necessarily expect you to understand or agree. We are simply here to serve you where you are at, again, Lord willing. Come as you will, and receive what you will.

Victor Hafichuk
Owner, Harvest Haven

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