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Magnetico Sleep Pad


In 2006 we began using Magnetico Sleep Pads. We had heard, over the years, mixed and negative reports about other magnetic sleeping systems, but then found out about Dr. Bonlie, inventor of Magnetico. He had discovered that inconsistent and negative results with other products were due to a bi-polar and/or insufficient magnetic field. Subsequent to his discovery, Dr. Bonlie designed and patented a unidirectional magnetic sleep pad that surrounds the body in a magnetic field similar in strength to the earth’s ambient levels of thousands of years ago. His sleeping pads provide the benefits of enhanced magnetism in balance with nature. The results have been extraordinary – with testimonials of improvement in many areas including:

Arthritis Chronic Fatigue Fibromyalgia Circulation
Diabetes Sleep Disorders ADHD Heart Problems
MS General Health Healing Athletic Performance
Allergies Headaches Energy Back Problems
Lupus Emphysema    


• Relief of up to 80% of muscle soreness after major workouts reported by a professional athlete
• Up to 30% increase in oxygen uptake and utilization from breathing
• Significant increase in strength and endurance

A survey was done of 100 people who had purchased Magnetico Sleep Pads.  Of those surveyed, 25 were under 50 years of age, 35 were 51 to 70 years of age, and 40 were 70 or over. Here are the results:

95% of arthritics received at least 25% pain relief
75% of arthritics received at least 50% pain relief
92% of insomniacs were sleeping 25% better
69% of insomniacs were sleeping 50% better
46% of insomniacs received total relief from sleep problems
41% reported a noticeable increase in energy
91% of the Magnetico magnetic bed power sleep pad owners surveyed were well-pleased with the overall results obtained

Twenty-four of these people received significant help with the following conditions: poor blood circulation, high blood pressure, constipation, migraine headaches, prostatitis, varicose veins, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, back injuries, osteoporosis, depression, and emphysema.

Fibromyalgia study at the University of Virginia:

There were 111 patients tested for their overall pain rating in this six month study:

37 people used the Magnetico negative-field magnetic sleep pads
30 people had Nikken dual field magnetic pads
44 people had sham (non-magnetic placebo) pads

The patients slept on the pads every night over a six month period.

Results in Percentage Pain Reduction:

Magnetico - 32.4%
Nikken - 10%.
Sham - 7.5%

Longevity in Enhanced Magnetic Fields

Dr. Gumiel DSc, a researcher working on Project Genesis for The World Development Organization, studied longevity in enhanced magnetic fields. In testing 23 different species of insects, he found he could increase their life span 5 times on average, as opposed to the control group. He was also able to increase the life span of human tissue cells by 2.5 times.

From the Magnetico website: “Science has established beyond all doubt that all living cells are electromagnetic by nature. There are only two natural sources of magnetism available to you: your brain and the Earth. The astrocyte cells in your brain have the capacity to generate electricity and they compose 80% of your total brain cells. They generate a pulsed, electromagnetic field with efficiency.

"The earth is our other source of magnetism and it provides a supportive steady-state magnetic field, which your body draws on to enhance molecular reactions. These sources of magnetism work together to accomplish magnetic resonance, dramatically enhancing the chemical reactions of the body.”

The Magnetico Sleep Pad contains hundreds of magnets laminated between two layers of foam in such a way that it acts like one large magnet. It is made with significantly more magnets than any other brand of magnetic pad.

This picture shows how the body is wrapped in the beneficial negative magnetic field:

Below is a diagram of the fields created by other magnetic mattress pads. Note that the body is exposed to both the negative (beneficial) and positive (harmful) magnetic fields. This is unnatural and detrimental to the human body.

Competitor products have a magnetic field that is much weaker and shallower due to fewer magnets. This field does not envelop the body even though it lays on top of the mattress. The Magnetico Sleep Pad is installed between the mattress and the box spring, allowing for complete coverage with no exposure to positive fields.

Better to do it right or not do it at all!

There are Magnetico Sleep Pads available in all sizes and strengths (Gauss ratings) to match your needs. Call or e-mail us for further information and assistance.

Please note: All US and International orders are in equivalent US dollars, eg. $510 USD for the 5 gauss single, $1000 USD for the 10 gauss single, etc. 


Martin Vanpopta, our farm manager, loves his Magnetico Sleep Pad and explains why it is so beneficial. Healing while you sleep - how good is that?!

For a detailed explanation of Magnetico Sleep Pads and the science behind Biomagnetic Theory, read this booklet.



Customers and friends of Harvest Haven, who had enjoyed the benefits of using a Magnetico mattress, recommended it to us. After watching a video by the founder of the company, Dr. Dean Bonlie, I thought, “If this product can do what he claims, it’s well worth looking into, not only for those with problems but for everyone.”

The mattresses come in three strengths: five, ten, and twenty gausses; I decided to purchase a 10 gauss mattress for a trial.

Within a week, I began to feel tired, weak, and somewhat depressed. Having experience in alternative health, I comfortably suspected this to be nothing more than an adjustment for good—a detoxing perhaps. Those unfamiliar with natural health therapies might quit what they are doing at the onset of discomfort when they should persevere instead, seeing it through.

I called Dr. Bonlie, describing my symptoms. He said what I was experiencing was normal, as many people detox using the mattress. He asked if I had amalgams (mercury fillings). I told him that I had just had a dozen removed recently.

“There’s your problem,” he said. “When you have amalgams removed, heavy metals are released into the body. You need to get those out. The extra magnetic energy provided by the mattress gives the cells the strength to expel those heavy metals, which then enter the bloodstream. From there they move to your organs, such as the brain. That is why you are experiencing those symptoms. We get this report all the time. Because the mattress dislodges heavy metals from the cells into the bloodstream, we are constantly faced with removing them from the body in any way we can. Mercury is a highly toxic and harmful substance that needs to be removed.”

Dr. Bonlie then recommended DMSA, a sulfur compound, which, he said, was the best thing he had found over the years for quickly removing heavy metals. It is not a natural product, so I was hesitant to use it. Upon researching, I decided I would take the natural route, even if it did take longer. However, Dr. Bonlie told me that only DMSA would remove mercury from the brain.

Because I wanted to take the natural route, Dr. Bonlie suggested Vitamin C, Kyolic garlic, and Super Chlorella. Since we had an abundance of frozen organic strawberries, I opted for whole food with much more power than isolated Vitamin C. I also chose fresh organic garlic, because it is far more potent than processed and I am not always out in public—though my wife and son have to put up with me! Instead of Super Chlorella, I used E3 Live, a product we carry that is more potent, more effective, and less expensive while providing significant nutrition and energy. I also took cilantro chelate pesto, a product Harvest Haven carries, cilantro well known for removing heavy metals.

Within a week or two, my symptoms of fatigue and depression subsided significantly. However, another problem arose. Having seriously injured my knee in 1971, and having the other knee hyper-extended (which my physiotherapist said would give me more trouble at a later age than the injured one), I was suddenly in so much pain that I could no longer take my daily 1½  mile walks. The pain in my knees was too great, bothering me night and day.

I had been taking walks without any discomfort until using the mattress. I suspected that I was undergoing another healing crisis, so I cut back about 80% on my walking, and within weeks, my legs were back to normal. I returned to walking as usual, with no discomfort.

In listening to Dr. Bonlie’s audiotape, I discovered that his unipolar magnetism works on old injuries as well as new (and even better on old ones, for some reason), in fact generating new nerve growth. My legs are now better, and if things progress, they will be much better. What a wonderful thing, that old injuries can be naturally repaired!

Sometime later, I developed the third symptom. Under my left arm, a large red patch appeared in the pit, and a smaller one under my right, about one-quarter the size. In about a week, the red turned to brown. I called Dr. Bonlie (who is always available and willing to advise) and he asked, “Have you used antiperspirants in the past?” I replied, “Years ago, I had been using them for decades…Secret.” He said, “The magnetism is expelling the chemicals from those antiperspirants that have been locked up in your cells. The patches should disappear in a while. Drink lots of water.”

I asked him, “Why is it so much redder under one arm than the other?” He replied, “One arm had better circulation than the other (which I knew to be true in my case because one arm always perspired more). The one with better circulation was more able to repel or reject the chemicals from the deodorants while with poorer circulation, the skin absorbed more.” I knew that my right arm had better circulation, hence less color because of fewer chemicals. I was convinced that this mattress was doing me significant good.

With these kinds of results, I then decided to try a 20 gauss mattress. In some cases, more is not necessarily better, but Dr. Bonlie tells me it is in this case. Upon using the doubly powerful mattress, I experienced renewed fatigue and depression, which subsided after a month or so, while I continued to use the nutritional inputs on and off as my body dictated. The discomfort in my legs returned for a while, but now they are normal, despite my regular walking. The red patches under my arms, though they had disappeared, came back, only to disappear again.

So, the question that begs to be asked is, “If there was such a thing as say, a 50 gauss mattress, would I have renewed symptoms and reach still higher levels of healing?” According to Dr. Bonlie, that is so.

I am finding my fatigue and depression come in waves now while I continue on the strawberries, garlic, E3 Live, and cilantro, but with diminishing duration and intensity. I have little doubt that this mattress is doing me a lot of good.

This entry is weeks later: I’m finding better memory and word recall. I can’t say whether it is the mattress or what I am taking to remove the heavy metals.

This entry about one year later (Jan. 2007): No depression, no sluggishness, no discomfort in my legs, and no patches under my arms. I’m feeling great. And the bed always feels more comfortable with the magnetic mattress than without. After being away I am always thankful to be back in my bed.

An acquaintance used a 10 gauss mattress, and within 2 weeks, her carpal tunnel was gone. She has not used the mattress for 2 weeks now and the pain has not returned.

Another person has had recurring spasmodic pains in her lower back that she likens to labor pains. One day, when the pains came on, we prayed and asked God for healing. She immediately sat down on the 20 gauss mattress we have in the store and in half an hour the pain was completely gone.

AN IMPORTANT WORD OF CAUTION: Not all magnetized mattresses are equal. Some are at the least ineffective, despite the price, even very detrimental. Do your homework. Dr. Bonlie’s Magnetico Mattress is the only one we know of that works and heals.

Thank you, Dr. Dean Bonlie, for your significant contribution to the health and well-being of all.

Victor Hafichuk, 2006.

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