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Grander Sanomag – Magnetic Harmonizer

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Grander Sanomag – Magnetic Harmonizer

The Grander Sanomag reinforces the natural magnetic field of the earth and compensates for the disturbances caused by technologies emitting artificial waves or by particular geological zones.

This unit was conceived by Johann Grander as a therapeutic instrument for increasing people's overall state of health.Its success is based on its harmonizing and balancing action upon the surrounding environment using natural, permanent magnets.


How the Sanomag is Used

The Sanomag is primarily used as a passive and gentle treatment tool.  It can be placed around the perimeter of attics or basements to balance the entire home, as well as in apartments, rooms, vehicles, or boats. Its field of influence can be extended to an area of 20 meters in diameter. The Sanomag can also be used more directly in contact with, or around, your body.


How the Sanomag Works

The human being is an antenna. This explains how the quality of reception will often improve just by touching the antenna of a radio. Indeed, the human body is an excellent electrical conductor, picking up the electromagnetic waves of which radio waves are made.

Our body is also a sensitive measuring instrument that picks up all kinds of vibrations. The natural vibrationsof the earth’s magnetic field, of the gravitational field and of the cosmos are impulses and mechanisms of regulation that are sending essential signals for a healthy rhythm of life. These vibrations continually stimulate our bodies. 

However, our body is also able to receive unnatural and stressful radiation. Although we cannot recognize or feel most of these impulses, our body has no choice but to assimilate them. The greater the stress created by this kind of influence, the more energy required to compensate. If the stress is so great that the body can no longer cope with the abnormalities, the energy pathways can be affected or even completely blocked. 

These abnormalities, which are often created by communications technology, technical apparatus and geologic zones of interference, can be compensated for by the Sanomag. This is because the Sanomag amplifies the natural, ordered oscillations of the earth’s magnetic field so that it can become stronger than the artificial magnetic fields that interfere with the natural flow of energies. The earth’s natural magnetic field has been proven to be vitally important for human health, even for life itself. The Sanomag addresses a very important, yet often unappreciated, need for magnetic harmony.



The Grander Sanomag is made of natural magnets set in a magnetic shield linked to 2 handles by 2 conductive magnetic steel cables. Each one of those handles is also made of an iron core and a natural magnet. The core of the device and the handles are protected by a V2A stainless steel shield. The unit needs no power supply, no earth connections, and no maintenance. 

The properties of the Sanomag are, for the most part, due to the judicious choice of the components of which the alloy composing the magnets is made, as well as the positioning of the magnets. The reversing of polarities along the steel cables is a special quality of the Sanomag.

Note: Drinking Granderized water is recommended when using the Sanomag.

Five year warranty


Our Experience

The Amazing Grander Sanomag

I first heard of the Sanomag when a few of us attended the Grander conference in Taos, New Mexico in 2007. Grander Europe managing director Georg Huber introduced it to me and told me of a castle in Europe that was a difficult piece of real estate to sell and stay sold. Buyer after buyer found it mysteriously, as well as obviously, uncomfortable, until someone installed a Sanomag unit. The owner was relieved and satisfied that the castle was now a habitable home. One of the things that happened was that they had a tough time with flies. Soon after adding the Sanomag, “No more flies!” Georg concluded in his German accent. 

I thought that if Grander wanted to sell me something, they could and should come up with a better selling pitch than that. However, Georg did insist the energy of a building is changed for the better, just as Grander water units improve water. I wasn’t sold at the time, but later decided to buy a few Sanomags to test and sell. I installed one of these in our home.

We live in a cathedral-ceilinged log home. Almost every year for the past 19 years up to the Sanomag installation, we had had many flies congregating on the windows at the peak and elsewhere in the whole home. As well, every summer we had a proliferation of moths in our upper windows and in the car garage. There were close to two hundred or more moths every night for what seemed a few weeks every year. I’d take my vacuum cleaner, turn off the lights, and suck them up off the windows. I was constantly vacuuming moths, washing windows and wiping walls, lamps and furniture of moth stains.

In 2007 or 2008, we installed the Sanomag cable on the perimeter in our basement to include our entire home in the unit’s energy field. Being the insensitive kind of person as usual, I really didn’t notice any differences of the kind Georg mentioned or that others more sensitive to subtle energies have reported. However, only a few months ago from the writing of this testimony (February 2012), I realized we’ve had no more moth and fly problems for the past 2 or 3 years.

I hadn’t really considered these problems unusual or terrible, seeing we live in a log home. I assumed log homes may have places for insects to hide, hibernate, lay eggs, and so forth, so I hadn’t installed the Sanomag for that purpose. Duh! But now I realize we have only about a tenth or less of flies and moths we once had in the house every year for many years. 

Is there a connection? I know of no other change in our home that would bring such results. But things come in cycles, I thought, and there are some years we have many flies and some with few; the same goes for mosquitoes, rabbits, coyotes, snow, wind…so I thought maybe it’s only a cyclical thing.

But then a confirmation: the Sanomag cable wasn’t set up to include the garage with the house because I only installed it to include the basement, which didn’t extend below the garage. The moths and flies continue in the garage, though even there, I would say there’s a reduction of the moths by perhaps a quarter or a third, if not half. 

Georg Huber had told me something I proved for myself. Should every home or office have a Sanomag? Would everyone benefit by one? Likely, but I don’t know. Pest control is really only a side effect of the positive influence on the home environment. Mildew problems have also been known to be addressed, not to mention the human health benefits due to protection from imbalances caused by EMFs. And here Grander is after many years, still manufacturing and selling Sanomags with virtually no marketing.  

At the time of this writing (Feb. 2012), we intend to install a unit in our house at Harvest Haven (also with a cathedral ceiling, with flies congregating in the upper windows) and one in the new store, which ceiling is perhaps 30 feet high with many skylights. I’m persuaded it has and will do us good to have the Grander Sanomag units working for us and for you. We’ll let you know!

Victor Hafichuk

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