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Grander Living Water Energy Boards

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Grander Boards are a convenient and versatile way to experience the benefits of Grander Living Water. Revitalize water, milk, juice, wine, and all manner of foodstuffs. Use in the refrigerator to keep all your fruits, vegetables, and foods fresher longer. You can even increase the effectiveness of your shampoos, detergents, and other cleaners.

Some report that the Board's Living Water creates a natural energy field that can offset the adverse effects of unhealthy electromagnetic fields, such as those from computers and electronics. This produces a positive effect on people, animals, and plants.

- Revitalize water, beverages, other liquids, and produce

- Keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer

- Create a natural energy field to enhance life energies



"For a few years now I’ve been on warfarin (an anticoagulant), wether from that or my new mechanical aortic valve I have suffered from what I’ve self diagnosed as “photophobia”. Randomly through out the day I would suffer spells of pretty extreme sensitivity to light, accompanied by light headededness, which would make me not a very happy camper. Perhaps they were just migraines as the symptoms seem similar though I wouldn’t call what I was experiencing headaches, whatever the case they were pretty disorienting.

At this point I had already drastically cleaned up my life and diet, now eating organic, getting more rest, etc… yet was still suffering these episodes. Those at Harvest Haven suggested I try sleeping with a small Grander board against my chest. That made a HUGE difference, the difference in sleeping was night and day, I would and sometimes still do wake up 1-2 hours earlier fully rested, I think my body got the rest it normally did by that time and so thought it was time to get up.

Though I was still suffering some attacks throughout the day, so we decided to try a little more, I gave my Grander pendant to a friend and switched it out for 3 mini penergizers, and by Martin’s advice I also keep 1 in each shoe. No. More. Problems. It’s hard to convey how much this has changed things for me health wise. I realize that my condition is unique but I have two friends who though are perfectly healthy by the worlds standards have also reported they sleep much better with the Grander board.

I still have some things to work on as I was a wreck before I came to Harvest Haven so the road to recovery has taken some time but Grander has been a game changer." -Michael L.


"I became a fast believer in the Grander board. Just after getting it I went shopping and picked up some organic lettuce that was looking a little worse for wear. If it was not organic I would not have bought it. After returning home I washed it (our Grander house unit had not yet been installed), and put it on the Grander board. In a short while I saw that it had perked up noticeably, and it remained fresh in the fridge for a week thereafter! Now I am getting Grander Boards as gifts for my grown children." - Pat Knox


“My mom recently brought home a grander board. I decided to do an experiment on my hamster, Haley.

"I had two water bottles exactly the same, so I filled both of them up to the top so that they had the same amount of water in them. I granderized one of the bottles, then put both of them on Haley’s cage. The water level on the granderized bottle kept going down, but the water level on the normal water stayed the same.

" After a few days my hamster moved most of her bedding under the granderized water bottle and made her bed underneath it so she wouldn’t have to walk to the other side of the cage to get at the granderized water.

"I thought that was cool how the hamster could tell the difference between the normal water and the granderized water.

- Angela Quinton

Editor's note: We think the real reason that the hamster moved its bedding was because of the protection provided by the Granderized water from harmful electromagnetic fields and frequencies. It is for this reason that the Grander pendants are so helpful, as they strengthen a person's energy field, thereby protecting from EMF's.


"Hello there; I was in to see you this last weekend and purchased the Grander board and pen. I was a little skeptical but decided to give it a try. BOY am I ever glad I did! What a difference it has made in my drinking water! I love to drink water now. Before it was a chore to get my 8 glasses of water per day down, but I have found that I am actually drinking more than that easily because it tastes to good. Thank you for promoting and informing all of us about this product. I also learned a lot from my talk with the handsome gentleman about the full Grander water treatment unit and will definitely install one in my house as soon as we get it built. Thank you once again. God bless."
- Patricia


“Grander works ! I have being using my Grander board for about a year now for keeping my vegetables fresh but wasn't using it for my drinking water. I recently started putting my water on the Grander board and started feeling better within 48 hours. For me it is a general feeling of overall well-being. I have more energy and feel a more nimble on my feet.

"After a few days I went for a massage and my massage therapist mentioned that something was distinctly different with my skin. I have being going to see her for about 5 years now so she would know. She said that my skin seemed to be more hydrated. I then told her about the Grander board. There's some " proof in the pudding" for you.

"If this works for me and I'm in pretty good health I wondered what benefit it would have on someone that's older than me and in not so great heath. My father. He is 78 years old and has had some major health problems for about the last 10 years which includes prostrate cancer and circulation problems. The cancer was treated with radiation and he has undergone major vascular surgery leaving him with digestive problems from the radiation and he has problems walking even a few blocks. I told him about the Grander board and he agreed to try it.

"One week later I took him out for breakfast and asked him how he was feeling.

"Did the water make any difference? He said yes.

"I asked him in what way. He said he felt better 48 hours after he started drinking the granderized water.

"Is there anything else I asked him and he said yes. My digestion has improved. I was always constipated but now I'm regular he said.

"For a person of this age this is huge. The only thing that changed was the water he was drinking. Everything else was the same including diet; exercise etc. Wow !

"I drove him home and he said he was going for a walk because it was a nice day and he felt good.

"This is me and my fathers testimony.” 
- James Sorochan, Lethbridge, Alberta


"I, Dale Sorochan, have been drinking Grander water for a week and my digestive system was cleared up on the second day. I suffer from severe constipation, from medications I have been on for seven years. With the use of X Lax I could only achieve one bowel movement a week, my movements are every morning now.

"I would recommend Grander Water to anyone with sluggish bowels."
- Dale Sorochan, Lethbridge, Alberta


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