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Grander Immersion Energy Rods

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The Energy Rods provide the same beneficial Grander Living Water treatment as the in-line units for situations where there is standing water or other liquids, such as wells, storage tanks, dug-outs, ponds, and hot tubs.

Installation is easy and there are no operating costs.

- Revitalize water in wells, storage tanks, dug-outs, ponds, and hot tubs

- Simply submerge the Energy Rod in any body of standing water or liquid

Sizes available: 

Petite single 
Small single 
Regular double 
Large single 
Large double

“In Sept of 2003 my wife and I purchased a small acreage in Southern Alberta. We knew that the well on the property would present us with some challenges. The water is extremely hard and has a large concentration of sodium and some nitrates. Although the water overall was aesthetically fine, we could see problems with scale build-up. Also, with the high sodium content we were told by several experts that watering plants and trees with this water would kill them within a very short period of time (6 months).

"We investigated several options to rectify these issues and quickly found that the costs were extremely high with water softeners and R/O units; the total was quickly rising (roughly $15,000.00). As well the cost of filters and upkeep on the equipment added more costs. We were looking for something that we could install and forget about.

"My wife did some research and came across the Grander Living Water Rods. After some thought, we decided to try them and we are so pleased that we did.

"My wife and daughter were having trouble with dry itchy skin and could only shower twice a week. After we installed the rods in the well, within one week my wife and daughter are showering on a regular basis with no dry itchy skin.

"I have also on several occasions had to remove and clean scale from the screens on the faucets in the house and the washing machine hoses. I have also had to turn down our water heater on two different occasions, all this indicating to me that the rods are actually loosening and removing scale from our pipes, etc.

"We have also been watering houseplants, garden and trees and have noticed that they are all doing fine up to this point.

"Thanks Harvest Haven.”
- Darren and Kelly Shell and kids, Claresholm, Alberta


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