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If you have ever had the privilege of soaking in a world class natural hot spring, you know how relaxing and energizing it can be. You may even have experienced the healing powers of its waterborne energies. Now you can have these same healing benefits as often as you will in your own home with the Q ENERGYspa.

The Q ENERGYspa is a self-contained device, which can be used very simply in an ordinary bathtub or footbath, with a full treatment taking just over half an hour. Using water as a natural and universal medium to realign, balance and enhance your biological energy, Q technology supports regulatory and healing processes in your body. 

While there are many imitators on the market, the Q ENERGYspa is the original patented hydro-energetic technology from Australia, based on advanced quantum field science principles found in nature.

By recharging your body’s bio-energetic field, the Q ENERGYspa helps activate or enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This energizing effect is experienced by most people as a greater sense of wellbeing after every Q treatment. And if you feel better, you are likely getting better!

See the Q ENERGYspa vs. Aqua Chi Tomato Test.

Refresh, Revitalize, and Reenergize, and Get Results

The Q ENERGYspa is like having your own organic battery charger. These are just some of the general benefits you may experience with the Q ENERGYspa:


  • Energy
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Concentration
  • Recovery rate
  • Mood
  • Sleep patterns
  • Skin rejuvenation


  • Stress, anxiety, and hostility
  • Menstrual discomfort
  • Muscle and joint discomfort
  • Fluid retention
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Cramps

And more...

Though the Q ENERGYspa was not designed for treating specific medical conditions, many people have reported positive results using it as part of a holistic approach to serious chronic illnesses and other conditions, including:

Arthritis, Autism, Blood Sugar, Brain Wave Patterns, Cancer, Chemical and Heavy Metal Toxicity, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Skin Disorder, Colic, Constipation, Depression, Dermatitis, Detoxification, Digestive Disorders, Emotional Balancing, Fibromyalgia, Joint Pain, Leaky Gut, Lymphatic Drainage, Menstrual Cycle Discomforts, Mercury Detox, Psoriasis, and Recovery from Surgery

What the Q ENERGYspa Was Made To Do…and
Why You Need It

When our bodies don’t get the required energy from the environment - air, food, and water, the result is a depleted life-force. Now we have the means to compensate for that problem which many people have. An electromagnetic energy of the QENERGYspa is converted through the medium of water,  which naturally possesses some extremely important abilities to convert  electro magnetic energy into Bio-Energy or Life-force energy. The very specific and precise geometric energy signature of the Q field allows water to naturally convert electrical energy into bio-energy that can be utilized by any living thing to restore vitality. Simply put, when for certain energetic reasons, the body suffers lack in its energy, the Q ENERGYspa compensates in an effective way.  

There is little doubt that the quality of our environment, and therefore that of our bodies, has diminished, polluted by man's “advances.” Although we have adapted to our more toxic and energy-depleted environment, we often do not have the energy to maintain vibrant health or ward off disease. With regular use of the Q ENERGYspa, your body will have greater energy reserves to use where it innately knows is needful, providing you with a greater ability to heal and to maintain an optimum level of health and well being.

A Very Important Note and Distinction

The Q ENERGYspa is the original technology created to simulate the effects of a therapeutic hot springs soak. It was never intended to be used as a means of pulling massive amounts of toxins out through your skin, as though such a thing were even possible in the first place. The truth is that water color from any session, with any device of this technology, due to a number of factors. No interpretation should ever be applied to any color and/or precipitation, no matter which configuration or system is used. Those selling Q technology, the proven original or an imitation, who propose anything along these lines show a serious lack of judgment and understanding of the technology, if not fraud.

The Q ENERGYspa vs. Copycats

Neil Voss, Researcher on Competitive Copycat Machines

Our focus is on increasing energy by patterning the field of energy to balance, harmonize, and elevate the bioenergetics of the individual. Competitive machines excel at making the water dirtier and causing people to focus on what is in the water. Copycats promote maximum creation of electrolytic precipitation of dissolved solids, electrode action, pollutants and additives in the water, affecting the color of the water.

1. Competitive units create static energy that is one directional as apposed to the Q2 that creates dynamic, interactive energy. Static energy is an abundance of stationary electrons in the water while dynamic, interactive energy is moving back and forth energy. They show a picture of the aura in their brochure afterwards, but they don’t show any change in the aura or colors of the aura before and after. Static electricity also creates more chlorine, and cell membranes are susceptible to heavy chlorine.

2. Competitive units do not have Underwriting Laboratory approval, nor are they registered as a Medical Therapeutic Device. Safety is a big issue when you are dealing with electricity and water. Our unit meets strict international safety guidelines for all countries around the world. The Q2 was tested under pressure for one hour with fire hoses coming from several directions. You probably could virtually drop the unit in water and it would not hurt you; although this is not recommended.

3. As a result, without Underwriting Laboratory approval, they are unable to obtain Liability Insurance. If there is a problem, good luck.

4. They use colored acrylic plastic that generates more chlorine from its base in the water. The competitive units look crude inside like they were made in a garage.

5. Wider and thicker positive tracks are on copycat units, creating a different energy, giving different frequencies and different results. If the frequencies of the unit are out of phase with the frequencies of the body, the result can cause the amplitude of the frequency to have a destructive frequency in the body systems.

6. Wider and thicker negative tracks on their units cause the copper ring to wear out faster, as well as creating different energy, giving different frequencies and different results. Problems may be caused in the body from static, insensitive frequencies.

7. Nylon housing materials on their units create an increased number of pollutants in the water, giving it more color.

8. The Ion Cleanse (copy-cat unit) uses vertical plates that get very rusty even from the first use. This rust is heavy oxidation and shows signs of a low-grade stainless steel. Hence, the water picks up the rust and creates redness in the water that doesn’t come from the body. The plates have to be sent in to the company to be changed quite often. I am told it costs about $70 each time.

9. There is a tuning fork effect from the combination of metals in the array. If this is altered, it alters frequencies needed by body systems. Competitors use low-grade metals. The Q2 has some rare metals to give correct frequencies dynamically tuned to body systems.

10. Competitive companies use power supply components and parts from the shelf, which are designed for static systems, causing electricity to flow in one direction only. These units block the returning frequencies to the power unit, making their systems static and not interactive. Parts off the shelf are cheaper quality and poorly constructed and create noise and interference for the pure signals needed by the body systems. The Q2 is not simply electricity, but creates rather a dynamic field. Static electricity also creates more chlorine, and cell membranes can be susceptible to heavy chlorine.

11. Competitive companies have created an astonishing visual for luring unsuspecting customers into buying the company’s product. The sales demonstration is based on what you see in the color of the water. The customer is misled by bogus explanations of what the color in the water means. The Federal Trade Commission has outlawed the practice in most states.

12. Positive and Negative Ion Production: The “Ion Cleanse” claims to adjust the amount of positive and negative ions in the water. This is electro-chemically impossible. As long as both positive and negative electrodes are in the same body of water there is always a net neutral charge in the water. For every positive ion created, there is a negative. When they claim to alter the number of positive or negative ions, they are simply changing the polarity on which an electrode is positive or negative at a given moment and then it becomes neutral in the water. As a result,you can change the colors of the water, but you are not getting toxins from the body.

13. “The cheaper metal discs create distortion and wrong static frequencies. The rings must be harmonically balanced and the lip on the disc creates the signature patterns in the water. It creates fields of energy within a symbiotic loop, returning to the power unit, which creates harmonic resonances more coherent to the body’s form of resonance with greater energy flow.” Terry Skrinjar, Q2 inventor.

14. The truth about the colorations in the water is that they are created by the electro-chemical reactions from the materials in the electrodes. The Ion Cleanse unit uses a copper winding that terminates with a zinc electrode, and a steel tube as the other. When the copper/zinc electrode becomes the positive it will create greens and blues along with black material from the copper and zinc. When the steel is positive, it will create yellows, oranges, and browns. It will not be detoxifying the body properly.

15. To understand how delicate the frequencies are to the body, conventional science teaches us that water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. Is it true? Maybe not.

16. An original experiment placed two copper electrodes into the water. 110 volts was applied, and the gases collected were 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen by volume. However, if you use different metallic electrodes (as competitive units have done, particularly the ION CLEANSE), you will get different gases every time. Also, if you increase the voltage or lower the voltage you will get different gases. Thus if just a few little things are changed(like copy-cat machines have done), the extent of the energy benefits created for body systems will be lessened and can even do harm to the body in the long run because of wrong frequencies.

17. If the practitioner chooses to set the Ion Cleanse at the beginning of one polarity cycle of water, in 17 minutes and 1 second the polarity of the water will have reversed itself and the client will have the opposite polarity. After seventeen minutes and one second it will change again. What use is there for setting the polarity of their unit?

18. Competitors do not know the secret of continuous on and off pulsing. This pulsing makes the Q2’s benefits to the body system very effective. The Q2 has no right angles to the wave forms. Competitors use a square wave form that creates a static energy.

19. Competitive units do create limited benefits for clients from a static charge, which creates oxidative reduction factors. But when the oxidative reduction factors (ORP), which relate to correcting free radical damage to the cells and DNA are measured, the Q2 has demonstrated up to 10,000 times more ORP than any of the competitive units.

20. The competitive units have an adjustable voltage control. We looked at this in our units initially, but the switch creates too much electrical “noise” within the circuit leading to interference and a degradation of the resultant field energy.

21. There have been reports by analysts that the competitive units cause the body to dump valuable mineralsand particularly calcium out of the body because the frequencies or the wave form of these competitive units hit the frequencies of calcium and minerals.

Michael Stern, President of Q ENERGYspa North America, on the Imitators of the Q ENERGYspa

The Aquadetox is a knock off of the BioCleanse, which is now sold as the Ion Cleanse. It was created by a former distributor of ours, who partnered up with someone that has a history of knocking off others’ technology. This unit is nowhere in the same league as our technology.

There was a long ongoing conflict between our company and this distributor prior to this. He insisted on selling the units by way of telling people that the water color changes were the result of toxins going from the body into the water. After a year of constant battling and having to deal with the resultant crisis management as people either bought a unit and used it in good water, which stayed clear, making them think the unit was not working; or worse, they would put the array in the water, turn it on, get distracted, and come back to find the “toxins” in the water with no one present. They would then demand their money back claiming that the unit was fraudulent.

The BioCleanse and all the subsequent clones are designed to maximize the electrolytic precipitation occurring in the water. That is to maximize the drama of the “toxins” in the water. What they are actually maximizing is the amount of corrosion of the electrode materials into the water and their subsequent electrochemical reactions and precipitation with dissolved materials in the water. In fact, they routinely add salt to water, even where the water is already highly conductive, to accelerate the corrosion process.

They also claim that they control the amount of positive or negative ions that are in the water and that the practitioner should determine kinesthetically what the client needs. First off, they are not altering the quantity of positive or negative ions. The amount of positive and negative ions when two electrodes (one positive and one negative) are placed in a common body of water is always the same...that is a net neutral one positive for each negative. What they are really doing is changing which electrode is positive at a given time. This makes no electrolytic difference if the materials of the electrodes are the same (i.e. both the same metal). However if they are different it will determine which metal ion is the positive and direct the subsequent chemical reactions. Obviously this all has little to do with releasing toxins.

In my opinion, to claim that the materials in the water are toxins and even worse to identify specific conditions with colors (i.e. white material on the surface is Candida) is tantamount to outright fraud.

Early on I did several laboratory tests to check if there were, in fact, toxins going into the water. I found NO evidence at all. What is found in the water can be explained by the electrode metal constituents and the impurities originally dissolved in the water. I have seen “reports” these people use as evidence that there are toxins in the water, but everything I saw was poor science. That is, there were no adequate controls. In this case one would need to test the water before the array session, the water after the array session WITH NO ONE IN IT, and water after the array session with someone in it. In every case all I saw was a before and after, no water without person but using the array control. All the purported heavy metals that increased most likely can be attributed to impurities in the electrode metals corroding into the water.

You can see that I have little regard for these products. So, why do people get ANY positive results? The reason has to do with what the true nature of this technology is all about. The purpose of this technology is to create the perfect environment for water to convert electromagnetic energy formed around the active array into a bio energy field. Water has the natural ability to do this given the optimal conditions. This is what is occurring in bodies of water that are famous for their healing powers. In those waters, the local conditions - geological, geographical, and other unknown factors - allow the water to convert local magnetic fields, thermal energy, or kinetic energy (motion) into the bio energy.

The bio energy that is haphazardly created by these devices attempting to “draw toxins” is a byproduct of mixing DC electricity, stainless steel and water. What is NOT happening is the creation of a coherent, purposeful bio field as in the Q ENERGYspa.  

Our contention is that providing the bioenergetic resources and the coherent field, allows the body’s own innate intelligence to use the energy resource as it sees fit, and the coherent field allows greater information access to the person’s core bio signature. This is very much an energetic process.

That is not to say that there are NO physical effects that may be beneficial from knock offs. The one thing that some have focused on is that there is a dramatic decrease in the ORP (oxidative reduction potential) of the water. ORP, or REDOX, measures traditionally the availability of free electrons. The reading is with an ORP meter and electrode. The measurement is in mV. A positive mV reading (i.e., +1 to +800 mV) means that the water is reducing, that is that there are electrons to contribute. The long and short of it is that antioxidants do exactly that: they contribute electrons to quench, or neutralize free radicals.

Now the ORP scale is semi logarithmic. That means that the differences are much more between values than the simple numeric amount. In the case of ORP, I believe that an amount of ~53 mV represents an order of magnitude (a factor of tenfold). So this means that if two readings are 106 mV apart that the difference is 100 times, not just the 106 value. Now to put it into perspective, at least here in the United States, the tap water is usually between +400 to +500 mV. That means it is very oxidizing (maybe as a result of added chlorine). Water in renowned healing type locations is ~-200 mV. So we are talking a difference of 600 to 700 mV, which is a difference of 10 to the 12th or 10 to the 14th, or one trillion to 100 trillion times! The water measured in the Q bath is –400 to –500 mV or anadditional 10 thousand to one million times!

As a footnote, the water that I have measured from the BioCleanse and other knock off’s is between –100 to –300 mV. Even at –300 mV the difference compared to –400 to –500mV is one hundred to 10,000 times.

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