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Hyland's BIO-XII (Cell Salts)


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Hyland’s Bio XII, a combination of 12 cell salts, promotes cellular health and mineral absorption from food.

Each cell in the human body is composed of three classes of materials: water, organic matter (sugars and fats), and inorganic matter (minerals).

Whereas water and organic matter make up the greater portion of each cell,minerals are still vital for cellular health and reproduction. If there is a shortage of minerals, cellular function is impaired and disease can follow. Mineral deficiency can be caused by poor nutrition, stress, injuries, and illness.

Dr. W. H. Schüßler determined that there are 12 different minerals essential for supporting cellular health. Only minute amounts of each are necessary. Hyland’s Bio XII Cell Salts is made of these 12 minerals.

Cell salts also promote the absorption of minerals from food. Just as we have reflex points mapping our entire body on our ears, tongue, feet, and hands, such a map exists in our digestive tract. The cell salts stimulate the reflex points in the digestive tract and, in so doing, promote mineral absorption.

We have found the cell salts to be helpful in reducing sugar cravings, which are often a sign of mineral deficiency. This indicates a restored mineral balance, which Cell Salts often achieve more effectively than mineral supplements

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