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G5 Silica

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Introducing G5 Silica! Silica is one of the most important substances our body requires to maintain health and repair damage. We are born with an abundance of it, but as we age, silica is depleted because our diets cannot readily replace the organic form we need, and our bodies cannot produce it. Supplements are of little help because they are in the mineral form.

Now, due to the breakthrough discovery of a French scientist, G5 provides silica in its organic and bio-available form. People have experienced results which include relief of pain, reduction of inflammation, and speedy recovery from burns, fractures, and wounds. Good silica does wonders for hair and nails.

Do you suffer from arthritis? Stay away from drugs and NSAIDs and try G5 Silica! It supplies the body with what it needs to heal swollen and painful joints without harmful side effects. We have heard of astonishing results.

Some of the many benefits experienced by people using the product:

• Relieves arthritic and circulatory problems
• Quickly reduces inflammation and pain
• Normalizes blood pressure
• Increases flexibility
• Speeds the healing of wounds and fractures
• Stabilizes burns
• Helps the body eliminate aluminum

Why G5 Silica Is Such An Important Discovery

There are 2 kinds of Silica:

• Mineral Silica: Also known as silicon dioxide; this principle constituent of the earth’s crust is composed of one atom of silicon and two atoms of oxygen.
• Organic Silica: Molecules of silica are combined with oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. It is one of the essential components of living matter (found in tissue, cartilage, thymus, vascular walls, suprarenals, liver, spleen, pancreas, etc.)

We are born with a certain amount of organic silica. It plays an important role in our constitution and overall health and is crucial in the multiplication of fibroblasts responsible for the formation of collagen fibers which give suppleness and elasticity to the body.

We lose about 80% of our silica stores between sexual maturity and the end of our lives. It cannot be replenished by the mineral silica because in that form it cannot be assimilated. Some plants and microorganisms such as diatoms can transform mineral silica into organic silica, but humans cannot.

There was no known way to replenish the body with organic silica before G5, and that is why this is such an important discovery.


G5 Properties

1. Its efficacy is proven by official tests and numerous testimonials which are backed up by many medical documents (blood tests, X-Rays).

2. It can be assimilated by humans as well as animals (numerous successful tests have been done on horses, cows, chickens, ducks, fish, cats, and dogs).

3. There is no toxicity.

4. It plays an important role in the restructuring of elastin and collagen fibers, in the early stages of bone mineralization, and in general metabolism.

5. It can penetrate through the skin and epidermis, and move throughout the entire body, particularly to the organs or parts of the body under stress or not functioning properly.

6. It is compatible with all other therapies taken before or during the treatment.

7. It is anti-inflammatory.

8. It speeds the healing process.

9. It strengthens immune defenses.

10. It enhances, protects and rebuilds all body cells.

11. There are no side effects even after using it for several consecutive years.

12. It is a fast acting painkiller. In a few minutes it can soothe insect bites, sunburns, burns, and cuts.

13. It is safe for young children and pregnant women.


"I always had a sore knee from jogging. Within two weeks of taking the Silica, the pain subsided. I also used it as an eye drop and found it to be a cheap and effective alternative to eye drops." 
James Sorochan 

“I had major dental surgery which left my chin and cheek swollen and very bruised- really black, blue, and green. Someone suggested that I should try the G5 Silica gel for the discomfort after the operation. I put some on the area when I went to bed, and the next morning when I looked in the mirror the bruising was noticeably diminished (the difference was apparent even without my glasses). The swelling was down as well. Within three days the bruising and swelling were barely noticeable. I was amazed; the G5 Silica worked so well so quickly.

I had another experience with the G5 Silica gel as well. One afternoon I had a cold sore develop on my lip. I tried a couple of other natural remedies, but they were ineffective. So when I went to bed, I applied a little of the G5 Silica gel to the sore spot on my lip. When I was drying my face the next morning I wiped my lip and remembered that there was a sore there the day before. Feeling the area and then looking in the mirror I realized that all I had left was the scab from where the cold sore had been. Again the G5 Silica gel was quick and effective.”
Marilyn Hafichuk

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