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Clear Carnauba Wax

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• Provides a rich, satin lustre to a finished surface
• Excellent hard drying paste wax for furniture and wood surfaces
• Economical for large surfaces

• Formulated with imported carnauba wax for added hardness and surface protection

• Comes in 16 oz. cans (covers 125 to 150 sq. ft.)

View the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

Clear Carnauba Wax Usage Directions

The directions below are directly reprinted from the Real Milk Paint® website.

Directions: Clean surface of all other oil, wax silicones by wiping thoroughly with mineral spirits or paint thinner. Apply a thin even coat of Clear Carnauba Wax with a clean cloth. Allow to thoroughly dry. Buff surface with a clean cloth to even sheen. If necessary, reapply a second coat and buff. Not recommended over raw or unsealed milk paint. Surface should be sealed with Pure Tung Oil or other suitable finish.

Caution: Combustible Mixture.
Do not expose to open flame. Keep away from children.

View the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.


Note: More Real Milk Paint® products are available as special orders. To place an order, e-mail or call 403-329-9157.

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