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American Clay Wall Plasters

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American Clay is a natural product that will impart to your home the texture, color, beauty, and character of the natural world. Because clay plaster is a textured wall finish, people are irresistibly attracted to it and cannot help but reach out to touch it. It also has a calming effect and is restful on the eyes. And, because clay is a natural producer of negative ions, walls covered in it will promote a general sense of well-being, calm, and refreshment.

American Clay is recommended for restorations and new construction alike. It is easy to apply and is easily repairable, with a resulting wall finish that will be a living, breathing, natural testament to the quality of your home.

American Clay Earth Plasters can be applied to most wall surfaces, with the exception of ceramic tiles, oriented strand board (OSB), tongue and grooved panels, and other materials that expand and contract as temperatures and moisture levels change.

Available in dozens of gorgeous colors, American Clay Plasters come in four different finishes: Loma™, Porcelina™, Marittimo™, and Enjarre™. They are made of a blend of pure clays and aggregates, with colors that come from natural oxides, and ochre mineral pigments, and borax, a natural mineral anti-moulding agent. There are numerous finish textures to choose from to literally bring life to your home.


• Made with reclaimed marble, sand, and multiple clays
• Beautiful matte colors and rustic feel
• Offers an incredibly wide range of surface possibilities
• To be used as the basecoat for Porcelina™ and Marittimo™ plasters
• Available in 50 lb bags
• Each bag, applied in one coat, will cover 180-220 square feet



• A beautiful satin smooth finish, comparable to the Venetian plasters of Italy
• Offers a quality close to "porcelain" ceramics
• Easily blended and well suited for a marble-like finish
• The most frequent choice for formal interiors
• Can be mixed with American Clay Lime Putty
• Available in 50 lb bags
• Each bag, applied in one coat, will cover 300-350 square feet



• Uses crushed shells from the U.S. Gulf Coast
• Shell bits give it a unique accent and a faceted luminescence
• Used as a top coat plaster
• Available in 50 lb bags
• Each bag, applied in one coat, will cover 160-180 square feet



• American Clay’s newest product for one coat finishes provides a unique option to homeowners or builders
• Offers affordability for large commercial projects
• Allows starting with a single coat of color integral plaster that can later be covered with a second coat of one of American Clay’s premier plasters
• Comes in 8 premixed standard colors, or in Snow Canyon, which can be mixed with the color of your choice
• Available in 80 lb bags
• Each bag, applied in one coat, will cover 150-180 square feet

Note: More American Clay products are available as special orders. To place an order, e-mail or call 403-329-9157.

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