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Victor's DOVE ExperienceVictor

For the past several years, I have spent several hours a day at the computer. It has affected my whole body, leaving me with a fuzzy head, drained of energy, and particularly straining my eyes.  This, in turn, affects everything else I do.  Exercise, intermittent breaks, and the Chi Machine have helped to some degree, but not sufficiently. The only solution I could imagine was to withdraw from my work for an extended period of time, something I was not willing or able to do.

Along came the DOVE, the latest development in SCENAR technology. For over a year Sara and Paul had pressed me to consider it, having heard from health practitioners that it worked marvels for many people with a variety of ailments. It was recommended I try it for my eyes.

I held it over each eyebrow, along each side of the nose, and just below the corners of my mouth. Within the hour, the DOVE registered a completion of treatment by "sounding out." I was impressed. My fuzziness was gone, my eyesight clearer, and my energy returned and remained for several days. A few days later I treated myself again and continue to do so from time to time. I feel much better.

In the summer, I pulled the muscles in my back while trying to lift and block my ride-on lawn mower deck by myself. I knew the pain, having experienced it many times before from lifting improperly. Normally, the pain would last a week or two, depending on what I did. While recovering, there were movements I found painful and difficult, if not impossible. Even lying in certain positions was painful. This time, however, I tried the SCENAR over my lower back about two or three hours after straining myself. In two days, the pain was virtually gone; in four, there was no discomfort at all. Hard for me to believe, had I not experienced it for myself.

I was told the treatment would have been even more effective had I used the DOVE immediately after the injury. I will remember that. The wonderful thing about this device is that, in spite of its high sophistication and effectiveness, even a child can use it, and little else than a ring on a finger can be so light, portable, and convenient.

Remember "Bones" on the Starship Enterprise? Forty years ago I watched him use a small handheld device to treat the crew for injuries and illnesses. A touch here and there, with a reading of lights and beeps, and his patients recovered. To me, it was fiction, and perhaps then it was. No more. It is now reality. The Russians developed the SCENAR for their cosmonaut program and now we have the benefits.

Victor Hafichuk

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