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Our Chi Machine Experiences


Victor: I believe the Chi Machine is one of the most wonderful recent mechanical inventions. Why? Because it is designed using fundamental, health-promoting principles that have greatly benefited me and many others I know personally.


Paul: I had two thoughts when I first saw the Chi Machine. One was, "It’s a hoax!" The second was, "If it is not a hoax, why would I need it?" I had good health, consistent weight throughout my life, no recurring back issues, allergies, or any real health problems of any sort.

Was my thinking wrong and was I ever surprised! I was entirely mistaken about the effectiveness and value of the Chi Machine. I am so glad that I found out, not only for my sake, but also for yours. For all those who think they are fine, I have a simple, yet profound, message for you: There is better!

Here is some of the "better" I experienced after I began using the Chi Machine:

• Breathing Improved - My breathing was fine, I thought, but I realized the Chi Machine was opening up my left nasal passage, which was almost always blocked. So much for everything working fine! People naturally adjust to having less than ideal and lower their standards.

• Stress Relief - I thought my life was pretty low key, and it was. But when I began using the Chi Machine a whole new level of relaxation kicked in, and I found it very helpful and energizing. Who is it in today's high paced, hectic world that cannot use some help with stress? This machine is very effective at centering the mind and calming the nervous system in short order.

• Mental Clarity - I found my thought process was enhanced, like a picture coming into focus. I could see things more clearly and the solutions naturally followed. I believe this is a result of the way the Chi Machine helps balance the nervous system, relieving stress and the interference of the "noisiness" of life today.

• Conditioning - Who would have thought that by lying down and having a delightful massage, you would get better physical conditioning? That is what happened to me. Massage therapists and others know how this works, but I did not. The body responds very favorably to what the Chi Machine is doing.

• Recovery - I was amazed, on more than one occasion, at how little discomfort I experienced the day after unusually strenuous activity. Many others report the same.

• Energy - All of these things added up to more energy. I had more energy, physically and mentally.

Soon after I began using the Chi Machine, I started selling the HTE machines. Among my customers were everyday people and health practitioners. My experience and confidence in the Chi Machine as a health device was validated by all. Positive results came from a wide cross section of people with a variety of conditions and ailments—from allergies, arthritis, and asthma to energy depletion. I also learned a great deal from the health practitioners about why these machines are so effective. My conclusion is that everyone, young or old, healthy or sick, should have the one and only original Chi Machine for better health and enjoyment of life.

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