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Introduction to the DOVE


The DOVE is a hand-held device, about the size of a cell phone, whose size belies its power. By mobilizing the body’s innate healing response, it relieves a wide range of physical ailments and conditions, acute and chronic. You simply hold the device on the skin in the appropriate area for a few minutes, as indicated by the DOVE. It picks up signals from your body and emits electrical stimulation in response, effectively removing blockages while reactivating or enhancing the healing response of your body.

Here are some of the benefits we experienced (click on the names of those with expanded testimonies):

Ingrid – instant pain relief from a bee sting on her head (the pain from former bee stings lasted for hours)!

Sara – lasting pain relief and increased strength and function in severe TMJ. Also, complete healing of a twisted shoulder in an evening, when the pain would have lasted for days otherwise.

Paul – relief from sore throat, with no cold developing afterwards. Wrist pain from keyboarding alleviated with greater mobility. Restored energy from computer fatigue. He felt good, like he knew that he would!

Victor – increased energy and improved eyesight (from computer strain); significant pain relief and increased function in strained back.

Dena – relief from soreness and increased strength in a wrist afflicted with tendonitis.

customer who suffers from MS with hip pain, headache, and pain in bladder used the DOVE on those areas. After a 15-20 minute session, all of these problems resolved.

Another customer experienced immediate pain relief from a three-year-old injury in her back after using the DOVE. After two sessions, she is much better, pain-free and relaxed. When her daughter tried it, her chronic sinus problems cleared after one session. Her granddaughter had a rash on her legs greatly improve after using the DOVE.

Come in for a free session, and see what it can do for you.

Customer Feedback

“I have used the DOVE for immune support and general muscle soreness.  I am very impressed with its performance.  The results are so fast and complete.”  Carol

“I have been suffering with leaky gut syndrome with palpable inflammation and pain in the abdomen where I believe the problem is occurring.  I believe this inflammation is due to a bacterial/candida overgrowth of the small intestine.  The DOVE has been able to reduce the inflammation on the actual site and has provided pain relief, and overall improvement in how I feel.” N.B.

“I purchased my DOVE about two weeks ago.  It has relieved the pain I had in the neck.  I also had a sore tendon in my upper arm and a sore shoulder which are no longer aching after treatment.  I have used the DOVE on my digestive tract and my digestion has improved.  I also suffer from spinal stenosis, which is the reason why I purchased the DOVE.  Since using the device, I have seen some improvement with that condition as well.

I lent the DOVE to one of my friends who had carpal tunnel syndrome.  After 5 or 6 uses he feels that there is nothing wrong with his hand anymore.” W.L.

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