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How the SCENAR, Soft Laser, and COSMODIC Healed My TMJ

I was dealing with acute TMJ disorder when a friend of Paul’s introduced us to SCENAR technology. She gave us a device for one week and since it was supposed to help with pain, Paul thought it might give me some relief.  My jaw had been locking up, causing severe pain and headaches whenever I tried to eat.

 I began to use the SCENAR three times a day for the week we were given the device.  Not only did I experience immediate decrease in jaw pain, but my headaches disappeared, and I was able to chew more effectively. That week of treatment gave me a full month of relief.

A year or so later, I was once again in sorry shape, even worse than before. Dentists and doctors gave me various unpalatable options.  They said the joint degeneration in my jaw from many years of orthodontics was irreversible.  The joints were simply continuing to degenerate, so something had to be done to stop this.  One doctor advised (yet more!) braces or, ideally, full mouth reconstruction (which is just what it sounds like – all the teeth completely replaced by crowns).

We were not in favor of such drastic measures, thinking there had to be a better way. Victor also prayed and received that there was a better way - a more natural way - to solve this problem.  I remembered my experience with the SCENAR device, and since we had been talking for some time about this technology, Paul began to investigate what was available. This led us to Dr. Irina, Dr. David, and MediSCEN. 

We purchased a DOVE immediately, so I could start treating my jaw again.  I experienced the same increased function and decreased pain in my jaw joints as I had before, only this time the results were better, because I was able to use the device for much longer than a week. 

After using the device for a couple months and feeling much better, I noticed that so long as I used it every night, I felt really good throughout the next day.  If I skipped a night, however, my jaw was tight and sometimes painful the next day.  I needed something more.

We then brought home the Q1000 Soft Laser with attachments.  I used the Laser on the muscles in my back and neck leading to my jaw, and the attachments on the area around, and on, my jaw muscles.  I was feeling better and better everyday, with yet more function in my jaw!  Now I could go two nights without using the devices before starting to feel the effects.

Finally, we decided to bring home a COSMODIC device - the C-DOVE. Because the Laser and DOVE had already brought relief, I wasn't expecting much, but I hoped to notice something.  I did.  Now I could even eat things that were hard to chew - like jerky - without any discomfort.  What a wonderful thing!  I can now go for an entire week without using the devices before starting to feel any jaw discomfort.

What I have shared here may present the question: Is it possible I could have experienced these benefits if I had used only the C-DOVE and nothing else from the outset?  I don't believe so.  I was in rough shape at the beginning, and I needed the immediate help that the DOVE delivers.  It "attacks" the problem area, delivering healing and relief. 

The Laser was the next logical step because it adds energy, allowing for greater effectiveness of the DOVE.  It also promotes healing by relaxing the muscles and increasing circulation to the area.

The C-DOVE works by regenerating joints, bone, and tissue.  That is how it addressed the underlying problem of my "irreversible” TMJ disorder.  I expect that as I continue to use these devices, my jaw will continue to regenerate, growing stronger and stronger. 

Sara Schmidt

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