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Dove Scenar Device

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The DOVE is a hand-held device, about the size of a cell phone, whose size belies its power. By mobilizing the body’s innate healing response, it relieves a wide range of physical ailments and conditions, acute and chronic. You simply hold the device on the skin in the appropriate area for a few minutes, as indicated by the DOVE. It picks up signals from your body and emits electrical stimulation in response, effectively removing blockages while reactivating or enhancing the healing response of your body.

SCENAR Technology and the DOVE

SCENAR is an acronym for Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator- a remarkable technology in a simple package. It is a portable electronic device that stimulates the body to heal itself quickly – without complications or side effects. Used in Russia for more than 30 years, it was originally developed by the Russian Space program to accompany astronauts into space as their "universal medical assistant." By regulating body functions, the SCENAR is designed to replace an entire hospital - with staff, diagnostic and treatment facilities, and pharmacy. All in the palm of your hand!

The SCENAR devices screen information on the skin and establish a dialogue with the body, using an adaptive biofeedback loop. Through electrical signals, similar to our own nerve impulses, it talks to the body in the body's own language.  A two-way treatment system is formed, comprised of the body and the SCENAR device.  The person’s natural healing system directs the therapy for optimum benefit in the quickest way possible.

The SCENAR regulates and restores balance to the body without side effects because it has no effect on a normally functioning organism.  It assists the body in healing itself; with effective and long-lasting results.

Until recently, these devices were only available in the treatment rooms of relatively few practitioners in North America. As with the computer, they were originally quite large and complex. Now a device has been developed that fits in the palm of your hand! The DOVE (Device Organizing Vital Energy) is the first true SCENAR. It automatically provides a clear, efficient signal to the body in a user-friendly package – SCENAR as it was meant to be.

Much of the material on this page has been adapted from materials by Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, the person responsible for introducing the technology to the West.

How to Use the DOVE

The DOVE is an exceedingly simple device to use. These basic instructions will guide you through a full-body treatment and you will begin to see results immediately.  For those who want to learn more advanced techniques, an owner’s manual and training materials are available.

  • Before turning on the DOVE, do a quick evaluation of your body. What areas bother you the most? What do you feel needs treatment? You will work according to your priorities.

  • Turn the device on and place it on the skin. Set the intensity of the signal to a comfortable level by pressing the red + or – buttons.

  • Move the DOVE to the area that you wish to treat. Be sure the metal electrodes make good contact with your skin. A light touch is all that is needed. Slowly move the DOVE along the skin in rhythmic motions, applying slight pressure. Cover the entire area of the main complaint.

  • As you move the DOVE over the skin, you will look for points where it behaves differently. The device may want to stick to the skin at some spot or it will flash and beep rapidly as it receives feedback. Or you may simply feel it is hitting something that needs treating.

  • When you find the point where you have the strongest signal (stickiness on the skin and/or the device beeping and flashing rapidly), hold the DOVE still on that point. As it treats that area, the flashing and beeping will eventually stop. When the device emits a series of rapid, rhythmic beeps, and the 3 lights come on, one by one, and stay on, you will know the treatment for that area is finished.
  • That’s it! The DOVE monitors how much treatment a certain area can take, and it will signal in the manner described when it has done as much as it can or should do at that time.

    You can do multiple points and areas of the body in a treatment session but when first starting, keep your treatment to 40 minutes or less so as to not overwork or stress the body. The body will adjust to the treatment given by the DOVE and will continue the healing process.

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