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Tung Oil

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Tung Oil

• 100 % pure China Tung Oil: no additives or distillates
• Made by cold pressing the seeds or nuts of the Tung tree
• Best grade, number 1 yellow, is a natural “honey” color
• Will not build a glossy or heavy finish, no matter the number of coats
• Will penetrate deeply into the wood to enhance character and water resistance
• Naturally polymerizing finish
• Has zero VOC's
• Cures by oxidation not evaporation
• Forms a flexible, waterproof finish
• Resists abrasion and acids
• Does not blister or peel if properly applied
• Does not mold or darken with time like linseed oil

Timber frame finished with tung oil

• Long shelf life (will last for years when properly sealed)
• Concentrated (can be thinned one to one to double the coverage)
• Combine with Real Milk Paint® Citrus Solvent for an all natural finish
• FDA approved for food contact
• Perfect for wood bowls, countertops, outdoor furniture, decks, wood siding, wood flooring, concrete, brick, or any porous surface that needs an environmentally friendly product

Available in the following sizes:

8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., 1 Gallon, and 55 Gallons 
(coverage 300 to 400 sq. ft. per gallon)

For best results, read: "How to Finish a Floor with Pure Tung Oil," "How to Stain Floors," "How to Finish Decks and Porches." 

Tung Oil Usage

The directions below are directly reprinted from the Real Milk Paint® website.

The surface should be dusted to remove all loose particles. For better penetration, the oil should be thinned one to one with Citrus Solvent. Any filling or staining (water or alcohol stains work best) must be done before the oil is applied. The first coat of thinned material should be a liberal one. Apply with a natural bristle brush or sponge brush. Allow this application to sit for 40 minutes so the oil can soak in. If it completely soaks into the wood, apply another coat. Continue to apply coats until wood is saturated and stays glossy for a minimum of 40 minutes but can be 1 ½ hours. If eighty percent of the area stays glossy the wood cells are saturated. Then wipe down the surface with clean rag material. Continue to check for any seeping in the next few hours, and rub this off as well. Let soak in completely overnight between applications. Do not allow standing oil on the surface overnight. Any standing or puddles oil should be wiped away with clean rags. For woods with very dense pores. Thinning with two parts Citrus Solvent to one part oil will help it absorb better for every coat. Pure Tung Oil will take 7 to 10 days for a minimum cure and 15 to 30 days for a full cure.

Tung oil can be applied pure or with Citrus Solvent added if a non-toxic finish is required. Thinners can accelerate the drying process and greatly improve the penetration by cutting the first coat of oil with Citrus Solvent, mineral spirits or turpentine by 50%. Remember by adding mineral spirits or turpentine, Pure Tung Oil becomes toxic with these substances mixed into it, although the finish produced is not toxic because the thinners evaporate.

The number of coats of oil to be applied will be determined by the intended use of the piece. Two to four coats are enough for decorative work, paneling and molding. Surfaces that receive moderate to heavy use or handling could need up to six coats for maximum protection, plus a light renewal coats a couple of times a year. Apply till the surface reaches the saturation point. This will be evident as the surface will not absorb more oil. Renewal and building coats are quickly applied with cheesecloth, a lint-free cloth or old nylon stockings. This process will give you a surface that will stand up to vigorous use and spills: water will bead on the surface. Do not get hung up on the number of coats, let the wood tell you when it has reached its maximum saturation.

Pure Tung Oil is recommended for wood finishing of kitchen tables, chopping blocks, wood and concrete countertops, wood floors, concrete floors, refinishing wood floors, outdoor decks, outdoor furniture, wood siding, log homes both interior and exterior and similar uses. Its non-toxic nature makes it particularly appropriate for children's toys and furniture. It gives good protection to wood paneling and molding.

Pure Tung Oil's matte finish will do nicely on certain pieces of furniture, but if a glossy finish is preferred you will need to buff and wax the finish, or use polymerized tung oil or a formulated tung oil-based product.

We have found tung oil to be a valuable helper in the workshop. It adheres very well to metal, and a light coat rubbed onto tool steel is an effective rust inhibitor. Wooden handles will also benefit from the occasional coat.

TEMPERATURE:  Pure Tung Oil should remain above freezing during and after application for a period of 10 to 15 days. If freezing temperatures do occur it is possible for the fat in the oil to rise out of the oil and deposit on the surface. The warmer the temperature the faster the oil will cure however direct sunlight baking a surface after a "fresh" application can quickly polymerize the oil. Resulting in a dry rubbery frosted appearance or a distinctly more glossy finish then the surrounding area.

STORING MATERIAL:  Pure Tung Oil should be stored in moderate temperatures, not to freeze and not hot places like attics. It should also be stored out of direct sunlight like a mildly heated basement area. A mixture of Pure Tung Oil and Citrus Solvent should be stored in the "White" Citrus Solvent container. These are treated to hold the Solvent for optimum storage.

FDA:  Pure Tung Oil is approved for food contact by the FDA. View document.

REFERENCE:  Gunstock Finishing and Care by Donald Newell, Bailey's Industrial Oil and Fat Products - Vol. 1 - 4th edition.

Keep containers tightly closed away from extreme temperature changes and open flames. As with all oils, rags, steel wool or waste soaked with oil, may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately after use, place the oil-soaked material in a sealed water-filled metal container or hang outside separately to dry

MSDS: View the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

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