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Eco-Friendly Building Supplies

We are thankful to make available high quality, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly eco-building supplies that are suitable for the novice and the professional alike. You are more likely familiar with conventional building products, but did you know there are many risks associated with their use? Conventional buildings and building products can have a serious impact on your health, with many people suffering from exposure to the chemicals released by such standard building materials as paints, wood-finishing products, carpets, and glues.

Our green building products are safe for yousafe for the environment, and healthful in many ways.  They are a remarkably elegant solution, not only free of health risks, but unconventionally beautiful in the bargain.

The eco-building supplies we have work, and work well. We have used them in our new buildings and are very pleased with the results. We don't just sell them, we're committed to them.

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