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Issue No. 7, November 2004

Welcome to our seventh issue! We hope that it will be a true blessing to all that read. May you take what you are able, profit from it, and not be offended at that which you are not able to take at the present time.

The Spiritual

How wonderful it is, and what a privilege to be able to receive revelations of truths and principles of life from God! Those who have not experienced it have no idea what they are missing. I write with hopes that seeds of interest and desire will be sown for these very gifts, which come through repentance toward God.

I awoke one morning with a wonderful and precious truth. When an offence is committed against someone, automatically the offender will be indebted to that other person, provided that the offended one does not retaliate or react in kind. The offender will inevitably pay that debt, many times over. It will not necessarily be paid directly to the one offended, but it will be paid. You can be sure of that.

I then realized how this truth was central in the message of Scripture. We destroyed the Son of God. Mankind took the life of Jesus Christ. We sent Him to His death for three days. That was it…only three days. He did not retaliate. On the contrary, He purposely and freely gave His life while we were taking it from Him. What a contradiction! In His last moments on the cross, He said, “Forgive them, Father; they don’t know what they’re doing.”

When Pilate, the Roman governor, tried to release Him, the Jews, the Lord’s chosen people cried, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him! His blood be on us and on our children!” Within forty years, in 70 A.D., General Titus of Rome marched into Israel and destroyed everything, including Jerusalem, the capital city, and even the glorious Temple of God, the precious and central worship site of the Jews. Israel was destroyed as a nation and was scattered to the four winds. It would not be an official nation again until nearly nineteen centuries later. The Jews did reap the fruits of their actions. His blood did come upon them and upon their children. Over those nineteen centuries, the Jews have suffered terribly in the world, hated and persecuted everywhere. Lest anyone should blame the Jews only, we were all guilty, including Pilate. The event was much bigger than anyone imagined at the time. It was all encompassing, and by “all” is meant everything, including every human being that ever lived or would live.

If Jesus had sought to protect Himself or to get revenge, our debt to Him would have been immediately and effectively canceled. But He forgave us instead. And what happened? He gained our lives. By taking His life temporarily, we ended up owing Him ours, forever. Every one of us is indebted to Him to our very lives, even as we took His life. He never owed anyone anything. Because of this, He was an acceptable sacrifice to God, without blemish, perfect in all His ways.

As humankind indebted itself to Jesus Christ, lording it over Him to death, “succeeding” for but a short time, only three days and three nights, so He is now our Lord for eternity. What a debt we incurred! What a reward He received when committing His situation to the Father.

It is written, “Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord; I will repay.” I know that whenever I have tried to get even, whenever I have retaliated for evil done to me, perceived or otherwise, I have always been left with a sour emptiness in my being, and often sorrow for the other person. There is no peace in reacting in kind, be it in anger, in word or deed, no, not even in thought. However, if I suffer patiently the wrongs done, and leave the situation to God to judge, I have found great reward in the end, both within and without.

The revelation I received this morning is that those who do me evil, without cause, are immediately indebted to me. They will receive their just desserts several times over, without my help, and if I suffer that evil patiently, though it hurts, I will be compensated manifold. That is how God has set things up. That is the victory reserved for all those who forgive and commit all things into God’s hands. That is the lot and reward of the true believer in Christ Jesus.

The Hsin Ten Enterprises Products (Chi News)

Instead of having a specific segment pertaining to Hsin Ten, we decided to share a letter, which covers not only Hsin Ten news, but the other topics of Organic Food, Grander Living Water, and the Spiritual as well.

In reply to our invitation to a meeting at Harvest Haven to learn about our health devices, namely the Chi, Far Infrared Dome, and Electro Reflex Energizer, someone wrote:

To be sure, such may be helpful to many. I assure you the product Pharmanex offers with their science of measuring antioxidents is a far greater benefit to anyone and everyone. Age 64 and can still play basketball with the 20 year olds....Awesome! Have a good seminar.

We responded with the following letter:

Hi Lynn,

Your health condition IS awesome! I don't doubt that there can be some good benefits from supplements, and for all I know, Pharmanex could well be the best there is. Many lay claim to being the best: Usana, Mannatech, TriVita, the list grows each day. Of course, they do not measure the beta-carotene levels in the skin, as does Pharmanex (correct me if I am wrong on this). However, as you may know, we have an organic farm, and our approach and belief on these matters is somewhat different. We believe that good, whole, and wholesomely produced foods are the way to go, and not supplements. While we acknowledge that there is a place and need for some supplements from time to time, whole food and taking into account the entire lifestyle is necessary.

Don Tolman, founder of Brain Garden “pulse,” one quite knowledgeable in nutrition, taking one food for an example, said that there are about 106,000 elements in a spinach leaf. Of those, man has been able to extract or isolate and process about 150 of those for consumption (excuse the statistics…they are not precise, but they are relatively close). These would include vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals etc. That is what we get from supplements, he said. He then asks: “What about all the other 105,850 elements? Don’t we need those?” God has created whole foods, which are so complex that we have yet to scratch the surface of their value to us, but pharmaceuticals and other entities are merchandising the latest discoveries to us as though they are the great and final conclusion.

Besides hearing it from nearly every media and many people on a daily basis, we have personally experienced imbalances and complications in the taking of supplements. “If you take this, you must also be sure to take that…” is often heard, and little do people consider that if “you take that, you really need that, and that, and that, and that…” I know a practitioner who is treating many clients for complications resulting from taking too much calcium. Barefoot pushed calcium as the magic pill. Many push many things as the magic pill. There are no magic pills. Truly, the magic pills have a way of backfiring. HGH was reversing aging, growing hair back, removing wrinkles, giving much energy, but the piper had to be paid in the end when, in about four years, the gland affected would shut down completely. One hears about the processing methods and sources as being very important (which of course, is valid), yet divers opinions cloud this subject. Don Tolman does not believe in supplements, obviously, but in whole foods. He tries to market whole foods worldwide and to do so, claims to have a special, natural dehydration process that none others use, a process, he says, that retains virtually all the nutrition.

Again, as much as we can, we believe that in consuming whole foods, organically grown, in replenished soils, with Grander Living Water (our whole farm is irrigated by Grander…changing the essential molecular structure of water and restoring its vitality, hence, “Living”), Celtic Salt, etc., we have the nutrition far beyond what Pharmanex or anyone else can supply. We may not get the kinds of readings you may get if you take Pharmanex, but is that good or bad? Who knows? One can argue that we can never get enough antioxidants, but there are also those who claim that there is a place and necessity for some free radicals.

Patented food products are to be suspected at all times. People want to make money, and many really don’t care how they do it. Patents are often for the purpose of protecting financial interests, which is fine. However, when it comes to food, are men wiser than God in their productions? No. But they often can only patent their nutritional products because something is uniquely altered from its natural state. After all, who can legally patent something natural? Yes, I must allow for processes that are superior to that of others, and therefore more beneficial. However, nothing beats whole foods.

But food is not enough. What about the all-important water? Few know that treated water falls far short of what is necessary. Few know that distilling or “RO’ing” water is not good. Few know that filtering does not address the basic quality of water. We have Grander. That addresses the water at the foundational level like nothing else out there of which we are aware. It has stood the test of time, and the time of tests…nearly two decades.

Our machines address some very basic necessities in our bodies and minds that all the nutrition in the world does not. The Chi Machine is an ingenious instrument that performs so many functions in the human body, and provides so many benefits, that I and others don’t know what we did without it. It provides oxygen, gives the body a full, gentle, complete, and enjoyable body massage, stimulates the lymphatic system, removes toxins, relaxes the user, and results in so many observable benefits. Aches and pains disappear, sleep is improved, energy increases; the benefits are many. (Why, if you had a Chi Machine, Lynn, think of what it could do for your basketball game!) The FIR Dome (Hot House), when it comes to chronic conditions, is even better! Many testify of being, and are free of cancer and other maladies…many, through the use of Far Infrared to help the body heal itself. The Japanese developed it with that in mind. The ERE has helped so many with neuropathy, pain relief, parasites, and more. These three machines have given many a new lease on life. They are “miracle machines.” They have certainly helped all of us. The thing about these machines is that they are noninvasive and do not upset body balances, as supplements often will do. Indeed, the Chi, Hot House and Energizer enhance body processes and functions.

So what are we to believe? Lynn, I am thankful that I can give you the answer. We have learned that there is no one thing in earth that is “the answer.” You can be “as healthy as a horse” but if your heart is not right with God, nothing will avail. I know some people like that. We have learned that for ourselves. Jesus Christ, the Creator of all things, is the Answer. He has TAKEN US BACK TO BASICS, given us our farm, leading us in these matters, teaching and preparing us to teach others. We are not only physical but also, and more importantly, spiritual beings. Our life comes from Him, Who IS Life. As He said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Anybody thinking they can be healthy and successful indefinitely, while ignoring Him or His Words, fools him or herself. God is the One Who provided these machines for us when we were in need. He is the Source of knowledge and of all good things.

He is the One Who has directed us away from many products, including Pharmanex, I must tell you. We are not chemists, Lynn, so how do we really know anything of these things? Many sciences “prove” many things, and only prove to be wrong. Yes, you can have a biophotonic scan to show you this or that, but do you really know? So we need to hear from someone who knows everything. God alone is that someone. I was asking Him about one particular supplement product, the name of which escapes me at the moment. His answer was that this product was an example of men tinkering with the complex. The product, as promoted by its makers, sounded good, reasonable and beneficial, but it was a product of men “tinkering with the complex.” When children open up a radio, or computer or anything complex, what happens? Ruin is what happens. As those children, man thinks he is so clever, but what does he truly accomplish? That is what is happening in the whole world, and as it is said, “For every problem man solves, he creates ten to take its place.” That may sound cynical, but it is often true. Look around you…look at the medical world, the political world, the religious world, the environmental world… So we look to God for direction when helpless and ignorant. He does not fail us.

The Good News is that Jesus Christ will clean it all up once the process of “learning the hard way” is complete. He is the Savior of all mankind. The Bible says, “For the creation was not willingly subjected to vanity, but because of Him who subjected it on hope” (Romans 8:20 MKJV).

” There is a purpose for man’s failure, and the demonstrated contrast of it to God’s perfection. We will know right from wrong and good from bad when it is all over. That knowledge will not be theoretical but real, and therefore lasting. That is good. He is what everything is all about. In ages to come, new horizons will open.

I may be gone before you are, Lynn, and that’s fine, but I know what I am talking about here. I hope I have given you good cause to consider these things. I never expected to respond to you, much less write a thesis! Or is it a “theosis?” If you happen to make it to our meeting, let me know who you are. It would be good to meet you. It is good that you can have the health you have. Be thankful; God and not Pharmanex has given you that. And thank you for your well wishing.

Victor Hafichuk

Grander Living Water

A Testimony of the Power and Efficacy of Grander Technology

In Sept of 2003 my wife and I purchased a small acreage in Southern Alberta. We knew that the well on the property would present us with some challenges. The water is extremely hard and has a large concentration of sodium and some nitrates. Although the water overall was aesthetically fine, we could see problems with scale build-up. Also, with the high sodium content we were told by several experts that watering plants and trees with this water would kill them within a very short period of time (6 months). We investigated several options to rectify these issues and quickly found that the costs were extremely high with water softeners and R/O units; the total was quickly rising (roughly $15,000.00). As well the cost of filters and upkeep on the equipment added more costs. We were looking for something that we could install and forget about.

My wife did some research and came across the Grander Living Water Rods. After some thought, we decided to try them and we are so pleased that we did. My wife and daughter were having trouble with dry itchy skin and could only shower twice a week. After we installed the rods in the well, within one week my wife and daughter are showering on a regular basis with no dry itchy skin. I have also on several occasions had to remove and clean scale from the screens on the faucets in the house and the washing machine hoses. I have also had to turn down our water heater on two different occasions, all this indicating to me that the rods are actually loosening and removing scale from our pipes, etc. We have also been watering houseplants, garden and trees and have noticed that they are all doing fine up to this point.

Thanks Harvest Haven
Darren and Kelly Shell and kids, Claresholm, Alberta

Organic Food

Consider this!

Grass-fed Beef

Feed Ingredients: Pasture

Feedlot Beef

Possible Feed Ingredients: Chlortetracycline, bacitracin, methylene disalicylate, erythromycin, tylocin oxytetracycline, sulfamethazine, ethlenediamine dihydroiodide, lasalocid sodium, monensin, melengestrol acetate, zeronal, testosterone, estradiol benaoate, progesterone, trenbolone acetate, sodium bicarbonate, polxaline, hydroxyzine, sodium bentonite, propionic acid, chicken manure, cattle manure, chocolate, stale pastry, cement dust, molasses, candy, urea, hooves, feathers, meat scraps, fish meal, pasta, peanut skins, brewery wastes, cardboard, corn silage, genetically modified grain, pesticides…

Robinson, J. (2000). Why Grassfed is Best! The Surprising Benefits of Grassfed Meat, Eggs, and Dairy Products. Vashon Island Press, p.10.

Special Items Arriving End of November

Fresh organic nuts and dried fruits, this year’s crop! A wide variety of products for baking and snacks. A real treat!

Harvest Haven Gift Certificates

It is really very easy to think of a gift for someone who has everything. We all need good health. What better way to persuade others to try living healthily than to buy them a gift certificate at Harvest Haven? Their experience of what you are trying to tell them will say more than words ever could. You may be buying them much more than a simple gift. You may be buying them health, and even life.

“We Bought the Farm”

The Owl and the Rooster

No, this is not an eclectic mix of children’s stories, just lessons from life on the farm. Since shortly after purchasing the farm we were convinced of the necessity of having roosters mixed in with our hens, an idea rejected and scoffed at by large conventional egg operations where the hens are not even granted freedom of movement or natural light. Initially, our reasons for roosters were more from a food quality perspective. When an egg is fertilized, there are obviously some changes that occur. It has been our conviction that these changes, enzymatic and otherwise, are very important, changes that make the difference, as one Japanese farmer pointed out to Mark, between an egg with “life potential” and one without. We also recognized that roosters helped maintain a healthy social order among the chickens. However, the other night we witnessed yet another piece of dramatic evidence to support our convictions.

Mark was walking towards the house at dusk when he caught a huge shadowy shape from the corner of his eye. Completely silent, a Great Horned Owl had flown up onto a tree limb beside the house. This was simultaneously accompanied by the head rooster in the chicken yard putting up a cacophonous fuss like we have rarely heard. Immediately, all the hens ran to the door of the hen house and started to file in while the rooster continued his alarm. The rooster had spotted the owl from over 200 feet away, in the dim light of dusk!! He had stood guard and communicated to the hens the threat, and they had responded with efficient and appropriate action. He didn’t stop his vigilant alarm until the owl flew away several minutes later.

It is incidents like this that constantly renew our respect for the complexity and perfection of creation. Man, motivated by greed, clumsily tries to manipulate natural creatures and systems, arrogantly assuming that he understands their mechanics. In reality, he has only realized but a faint and superficial glimpse of the complexity of God’s design in everything. Such is the case with genetic engineering, for which the full brunt of its devastating results has yet to be fully manifest. The Lord has been directing us to go “back to basics.” In doing so, we discover (or rediscover) previously unimagined potential and Divine wisdom.


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