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Chi Machine Testimonials

"I have more pep and energy than before. I can work better. When I would drive, I had difficulty looking over my shoulder. Using the Chi Machine has loosened my neck. It has enhanced the mobility of my body. I have more mobility everywhere. I had a sore neck that always hurt. One day I had a headache, so I did a Chi. The pain in my neck went away, the headache was gone, and I felt really good. I also lost 8 pounds, mostly around the tummy, the first month we had the machine. The other day we drove to Cut Bank, which is about an 85 mile drive, and we didn't get tired. We are very happy to have the Chi Machine. Today, it would be hard to find anyone happier than we are.”
- Bill K.

"I'm walking. I feel better all over. I had a lot of pain. My hips were always sore in the morning. We have a very good bed, but that didn't help. I don't have that soreness anymore. If I'm feeling overly tired, I do a Chi and my energy is restored. I do tire quite easily."
- Eleanor K.(Bill’s wife)

We asked ourselves, our customers, and Chi Machine users to comment briefly on what the Chi Machine was doing to help us. These are the replies, which give you a good idea of the kinds of benefits to expect from using the Chi Machine:

“I no longer suffer tension in my neck, shoulders and hips, and I have a general sense of well being.”
- Lois Benson, Lethbridge

“No more neck pains and consequently migraines.”
- Marilyn Hafichuk, Lethbridge

“Relief of back pain after a hard day’s work, circulation in hands and feet improved, ringing in my ears is gone.”
- Mariko Benson, Lethbridge

“Aching legs instantly relieved after 5 minutes on the Chi.”
- Jonathan Hafichuk, Lethbridge

“Constant problems with leg cramps gone, my back and neck better, and I have more energy.”
- Trevor Benson, Lethbridge

“My neck and back much better, knees better, much more energy, headaches gone, a sense of well being, sciatica is history... on and on.”
- Victor Hafichuk, Lethbridge

“I just rely on the Chi totally to keep my back flexible. I also use it for time out relaxation.”
- Frances Evernden, Lethbridge

“ The Chi has relieved my neck pains and headaches and it relaxes me.”
- Blake Evernden, Lethbridge

“I have my old knees back and wouldn't be able to work the way I do if it wasn't for the Chi and Hot House.”
- Ann Wetch., Lethbridge

“In about 5 days, my depression was gone!”
- Chris Cavers, Lethbridge

“My circulation was improved.”
- Marge Tennant., Lethbridge

“I am much more agile and can work longer.”
- Wallace Jaeck, Lethbridge

“My walking is greatly improved.”
- Lionel Roy, Picture Butte

“Relieves pain from arthritis.”
- Arnold Sucher, Lethbridge

“It is very relaxing, and I sleep better.”
- Stan Stryker, Coaldale

“If it wasn't for the Chi, I would lie in bed.”
- Ann Torkel, Lethbridge

“It has kept the muscles loose around my old back injury and eliminated the ‘pinching’ I used to get in my back that I had even when going to the chiropractor twice a month.”
- Mark Benson, Lethbridge

“It loosens things up and helped my bad leg with sciatica.”
- Joe Slovack, Wrentham

“My lower back pain was cured with one treatment.”
- Ron Slovack, Wrentham

“Without using the Chi, I hear every little thing at night and can’t sleep. When I use the Chi, I sleep really well, without fail.”
- Katie Maendel, Lethbridge

“We physical therapists have tried with our bare hands for years trying to accomplish in the body what the Chi machine does in five minutes! Thank you so much for introducing me to it!”
- David G., Lethbridge

“I always had back pains, and the Chi has helped me tremendously. It helped me with digestive problems. I don’t take Rolaids as much, which I used to take all the time. It’s wonderful!
- Laura Klein, Calgary

“I can do a hard day’s work, get on the Chi that night and start fresh the next day. It takes out all the tightness and knots. I would recommend it to anyone doing hard work.”
- Stan Komadowski, Lethbridge

“My legs would ache all the time until I began to use the Chi. No more! My back is feeling much better and I don’t have the sinus problems I used to have.”
- Les Klein, Calgary

“ My son suffered a terrible truck accident and the Chi has helped him a lot. His one foot is straighter and people notice that his speech has improved. After a hard day’s work on my feet, they were just burning. I got on my Chi for ten minutes and that really put me back on my feet! I have more energy, and since I bought the Chi, I don’t snore as much.”
- Lavelda Krisko, Lethbridge

“I find that when I use the Chi, I don’t need to use oxygen for my emphysema. In a minute, my lungs open right up. It takes the phlegm out of my throat as well.”
- Grant Lamb, Cardston

“I went to my doctor who had to test my blood pressure three times! She couldn’t believe it. It was normal instead of high. The Chi machine did it! I have also had frequent back pains and those no longer trouble me.” “My grandson gets sore knees playing soccer. No more. The Chi takes care of that!”
- Melva Neudorf, Lethbridge

“The Chi has sure helped my lower back problems!”
- Ray Schultz, Lethbridge

“My wife suffers from a stroke. The Chi and Hot House have helped her with the constipation, her hearing, eyes, balance and speech are improved. As well, she has more coordination.”
- Ray Schultz, for Nettie, his wife

“I have better breathing, my wife tells me I don’t snore as much, and my tennis elbow is cleared up by the Hot House, which was not clearing up before that.”
- Tim Arnett, Coalhurst

“My blood pressure is down 20 points in 2 weeks. I have more energy; I don’t have as many headaches and not as much sinus pain.”
- Karl Arnett, Coalhurst

“Before the Chi, my blood pressure was 150/90 and now it is down to 130/69. I sleep much better, my oxygen levels are better, I have more energy, and I feel better since the Chi.”
- Barb Arnett

"Bottom line, I sleep; and I like that. The relaxation is great, and the Chi Machine helps relieve pain too. Helps my clients improve and maintain spinal balance. Some no longer need to see me."
- Melba Berg, Swedish massage therapist

"Mom, if you die, can I have your Chi Machine?" (She loves the Chi Machine because it helps alleviate growing pains and her father takes it on the road when he travels for business.)
- Kima Berg, Melba's 8 year old daughter

"Improves your energy level throughout the day. I like the massage effect on my back and muscles. It energizes and relaxes you at the same time."
- Sara Schmidt, Helena, MT

"It feels like someone has blown the breath of life into my body and mind. The Chi Machine gives total conditioning; emotional, mental, and physical."
- Dan Thompson, Helena, MT

"The Chi Machine reduced my chiropractic visits and helps keep my spine in alignment. It has given me a general sense of well being and my level of fitness has stayed higher than it normally would by regular use."
- Sarah Bauer, Helena, MT

"Having nerve damage in the very low back, the Chi Machine has made it so I don't have nearly the pain I did before using it. It's easy, no effort exercise, you lay down and let the machine do the work."
- Gwen Rose Francis, Helena, MT

"I intuitively feel the Chi Machine is very beneficial for my health, especially for improving circulation in my spinal cord. Using it over time I feel I now have better body sense and flexibility with less tightness."
- Dr. Tom Bump, Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist

" The Chi Machine aids in elimination and gives me better energy in the morning. It also can adjust spinal blocks and thereby eliminates pain."
- Claudia Burdick, Helena, MT

"I'm sure the Chi Machine helped my back and hip pain considerably. Also helped my knees and has opened up my circulation."
- Don Tintinger, Helena, MT

"I've noticed a phenomenal improvement in my running recovery (6 10 mile sessions) from lactic acid and muscle soreness because of the oxygenation the Chi Machine gives. I expect it will help me maintain a higher level of conditioning without running as much."
- John Engebretson, Butte, MT

"I call the Chi Machine my time expander, because it relaxes you and enables clearer thinking. It has also improved my breathing which helps both mentally and physically."
- Paul Cohen, Helena, MT

"I have not gone back to the chiropractor since I got my Chi Machine. My sciatic nerve used to act up and I had to go twice a month for adjustments. Now fifteen minutes on the Chi takes care of any pain."
- B.J. Davis, Great Falls, MT

"I love that Chi Machine. I can breathe better, sleep better, and my back and hips both feel noticeably better."
- Kate Rudolph Helena, MT

"The Chi Machine gives me more energy, and my back has never been this good (scoliosis). I love it."
- Tami O’Brien, Helena, MT

"In two sessions with the Chi Machine my lower back adjusted and I felt much better. I have bone spurs and was truly a hurting unit."
- Bob Jolicoeur, Helena, MT

"I find that the Chi Machine helps me have a better night’s sleep and aids in digesting. It provides an easy way to focus and meditate."
- Lisa Botti, Great Falls, MT

"Since using the Chi Machine I have stopped seeing the chiropractor. Also my right hand is no longer numb and tingling."
- Kris Olsen, Helena, MT

"With the Chi Machine I experience improvement every day."
- Howard Walden, Helena, MT (age 96)

"In a word, the Chi Machine is RELAXING."
- Jane Culler, Helena, MT

"I was really amazed at how well my lower back responded to the machine when it hadn’t responded to anything else over a year of chronic pain."
- John Madsen, Helena, MT

"I feel blissful after using the Chi Machine, with terrific energy and wakefulness in meditation. It sure feels good."
- Joan Smith, Helena, MT

"The Chi Machine helped me get my lower back in place. My husband really likes it, too."
- Betty Clearman Stemple, Pass, MT

"My daughter has had great benefit from the Chi Machine, her insoles had dropped and turned her knees in, now they [knees] are fine. My husband’s back is better, my hips are better, and I sleep better."
- Cindy Guthrie, Helena, MT

"The Chi Machine has really helped my knee; I can now walk much, much better."
- Sylvia Kinsey, Helena, MT

“This is by far the best investment I have ever made to relieve sore and aching muscles fast. I was totally amazed this summer when I could only get out and golf twice a month. Normally it would take 4-5 days to start feeling not so stiff. With the Chi Machine, 2 10-minute treatments and all soreness and stiffness are gone. Would recommend to anyone.”
- Alan Elford, Lethbridge

“Using the SOQI bed has given me increased peace of mind.  I have been sleeping much better, too.  I am able to think more clearly and feel much more peaceful and rested.  I feel great after the ‘chi rush’ and have a calm about me that I have never experienced before.  I highly recommend the chi equipment for everyone.”
- Aaron Sadler, Vancouver, BC

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